The 1860s is a popular brought up time on and off in Just Add Magic. There were protectors then, and they had ties to some of the magic that is talked about in the show.

History Edit

It is said that Chuck Hankins, or Charles Peizer, and his sister, Rose Peizer were the protectors of that timeline. This was before the protectors became trios, so there were only two that kept the book safe back in the 1860s. While in protector-ship of the the book, Chuck decided to make a spell to keep him and Rose immortal so they could be the protectors for all time. But, the spell backfired and trapped Rose in the book because she had taken the first bite which made her suffer the downside. Chuck spent years trying to save her, never aging once. He eventually lost the book and spent over a century trying to get it back, starting with the 90's trio, (Ida Perez, Becky Quinn, and Gina Silvers) and then moving to the latest trio (Kelly Quinn, Darbie O'Brien, and Hannah Parker Kent). Eventually, the girls broke Chucks immortality spell and he and Rose safely returned back to the 1800's to live out their lives.

First appearance Edit

Just Add Goodbye (when the girls travel there in look of the Parquinnian spice).

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