Adam Lever ran against Terri Quinn for the position of mayor of Saffron Falls. He did not want to play fair, and made Mama P spy on Terri for him.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Adam Lever is a big man that has graying brown hair, and light green eyes.

He is usually seen wearing a button down shirt.

History[edit | edit source]

Adam Lever was a candidate for mayor of Saffron Falls, who ran against Terri Quinn. He desperately wanted to be mayor, so much that he looked for many ways to ambush Terri. So, he got Mama P (Ida Perez) to spy on Terri while she was having campaign meetings in Mama P's. In return, he said that he would add Mama P's restaurant to a mall he was adding to Saffron Falls and give her money. Eventually, Mama P realized what she did was wrong, and that Terri Quinn should be the mayor, so she snooped around his office with Gina Silvers and Becky Quinn. Becky was able to take a video leaving proof that Adam Lever had promised things to a lot of other people and planned not to fulfill those promises because he'll already be mayor. Once the video had been released, Adam dropped out of the race, leaving Terri Quinn the next mayor of Saffron Falls.  

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