Arthur Morris is a teacher at Fox Canyon. In the 90s, Arthur was not a protector of the Cookbook, alongside Nöelle Jasper, RJ White and Caroline Palmer.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mr. Morris has tanned skin and a shaved head. When he was younger, he had short, black hair.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mr. Morris is strict and smart, as well as very intellectual and mature. When he finds Hannah's essay lacks depth, he gives her a C but tells her she can redo it if she goes to the museum to study for a new essay. He is smart as he figures out someone is cursing protectors, but assumes it is the three girls. He is mature as he tried to keep RJ, Noelle, and Caroline out of trouble. The group often relied on him to get good grades on tests and make sure everything goes right.  

Curses[edit | edit source]

Mr. Morris has been cursed twice. The first of which, he was cursed to stay away from the Quinn Home, but the girls were late when eating it, so they accidentally trapped Mr. Morris in the Quinn Home. The second time being when he is cursed to forget magic by Jill/Caroline Palmer.  

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