Rebecca "Becky" Quinn (née Patterson), is one of the main characters in Just Add Magic. She is Kelly and Buddy Quinn's grandmother and Scott Quinn's mother. She, along with Gina Silvers and Ida Perez was one of the protectors of the Cookbook before it moved to Darbie, Kelly and Hannah. She did all in her power to stop the book from staying or moving on to kelly.


Becky has short blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin is fair and she is of average height. Usually she is seen wearing button-ups, floral tops and cardigans. Young Becky had wavy long blonde hair and big sky-blue eyes and was seen wearing blouses and skirts and dresses.


Becky is a very kind-hearted and endearing person. She would do anything to make sure Kelly is safe. She is rarely seen angry and always cares very deeply for her family. She also tried to banish the cookbook, believing that it would tear Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah apart like it did to herself, Ida Perez, and Gina Silvers.


Becky was born in c. 1950 in Saffron Falls.

Meeting the Cookbook

When Becky was around 14, she and her classmates went on Cedros Forest. She and her friends Gina Silvers and Ida Perez get separated from the rest of their class and met the Traveler. She gifted them the Cookbook, stating that they were chosen to be theprotectors of the book. Together they created and cooked many recipes. They were very precise with their measurements and worked hard for the quality of their food. However, the cookbook started to get in between the girls and their relationship began to falter. In 1968, Becky starting dating Jim Quinn, who would later become her husband. Willy Thompson introduced them to each other and they immediately hit it off. On their third date in the summer, Jim gave Becky a pink and white beaded bracelet, that she'd later go on to gift to her granddaughter Kelly years later. Seven years later in 1975, Becky and Jim are married and have their own house and Scott is born. Although life for Becky was looking good, the book continued to tear the protectors apart.

Season 1

Departing the Cookbook

Decades after the book was thrown out of her life, it returned. Becky knew that it was looking for a new owner and that owner would be Kelly. Becky didn't want her granddaughter to go through the same things she and her friends had went through in their past, so she tried to hide the book. One day, Becky tried to erase the book. She cooked something in a large pot and started ripping out pages from the book and dropping them in the pot, where they burned and dissolved. Becky had only gotten through three pages until the book fought back. A mist arose from the mixture in the pot and it cursed Becky. Becky became mute and could not communicate. Her family thought this was a medical condition, so she was taken to multiple specialists and different doctors. All the reports came back negative, stating that Becky appeared to be perfectly fine. Although Becky had tried to protect it from Kelly, the book kept on appearing. During Kelly's birthday, it appeared on the shelf and another day it appeared in the attic. This is where Kelly had found the book while chasing Buddy. Becky was shocked to learn that her granddaughter had found the book and even cooked something from it. However, she knew there was nothing she could do, as the book had already found its new owner.


Becky acknowledged that Kelly was cooking up many different spells to try and cure her grandmother, but nothing worked. Kelly and her two friends Hannah and Darbie cooked up recipes like Mind-Peering Peppermints and Off The Trail Mix, but nothing worked, and only lead to more mysteries. At last, the trio turned to Ida Perez for help on making the Curse-Breaking Candied Stone Fruit. Becky personally did not trust her at all, and frequently tried to signal to them that Ida could not be trusted. However, only one of the trio sided with her, which was Hannah. Hannah did not trust the Curse-Breaking Candied Stone Fruit in the first place, and tried to warn Kelly and Darbie. Kelly and Hannah had a temporary fight, and Kelly compelled Darbie to eat Walk-in-my-Shoes Schnitzel to pretend to be Kelly. Hannah came over to Kelly's house and promptly realized that Darbie was disguised as Kelly. They did not realize that it was a trap to break Ida's own curse until Ida stepped on the stage and ate the last stone fruit and the whole town froze. Fortunately, they made protection shakes, but Kelly slapped one down and Jake sacrificed himself to save Kelly, Hannah and Darbie. Then, they cooked Last-Ditch Layer Cake to unfreeze the town and it broke all curses, including Becky, Gina and Charles Peizer. Becky was the first to realize this.


  • In the original pilot, Becky was played by Barbara Brownell instead of Dee Wallace.
  • The "E.T." in "Every Thing Antiques" was a reference to her role in the film E.T.: The Extraterrestrial
  • She once used Walk-in-my-Shoes Schnitzel to sneak into a movie.


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