Carmela is a new student from Barcelona who goes to Rockbury Middle School. Her first and only appearance was in Just Add Brains.


Carmela has coffee colored skin and long, wavy brown hair. Her eyes are a piercing chestnut brown and she has an angular nose. Usually, Carmela wears patterned and flowy tops paired with denim jeans or leggings.


Before moving to Saffron Falls, Carmela and her family lived in Barcelona, Spain. Carmela was most likely enrolled in the foreign exchange program at her current school, and after she got accepted, she moved to Saffron Falls and attended Rockbury Middle School.

After Darbie and the girls cooked up Brain-Boosting Bolognese, Darbie immediately became fluent in Spanish and quickly befriended Carmela. The two texted each other and Darbie translated for her in classes. However, this came to an end as the spell wore off, so Darbie abandoned Carmela, as it was impossible for them to communicate now.


Darbie O'Brien

Darbie became friends with Carmela after she learned Spanish, but when the spell wore off, Darbie abandoned Carmela.

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