Caroline Palmer "Jill" is a recurring character in Season 3 of Just Add Magic. She is Terri's mayoral campaign manager before it's revealed that she's a former protector trying to deceive Kelly, and any other current magic users.

Appearance Edit

After consuming the Chameleon Cauliflower, Caroline's appearance changes drastically. Her hair is now straight and blonde, reaching to right around her shoulders, paired with her thin bangs. Jill has a soft face with round blue eyes. Her dark blonde eyebrows frame her face. Usually Jill is seen wearing long-sleeve shirts, blouses, and other casual-formal outfits.

Prior to consuming the Chameleon Cauliflower, Jill had a completely different appearance. At this time, she went by the name Caroline Palmer. In this form, she has long, cappuccino-colored wavy hair. Her dark brown eyes top her rosy pink lips and round chin.

Personality Edit

In the beginning, Jill comes off as a determined and headstrong character. She's willing to support Terri, as her campaign manager, and tries her best to stay open-minded. As a teenager, she's very rebellious and willing to do anything to get her way.

History Edit

In 1996, Caroline becomes a protector of The Cookbook alongside her two best friends RJ White and Nöelle Jasper. The trio tend to be very irresponsible when it comes to cooking, especially RJ and occasionally Nöelle. Caroline seems to be the smartest and most responsible of the three protectors.

Caroline decides to cook the Chameleon Cauliflower to mask her appearance. The recipe transforms her into Jill's current appearance. Jill believes that the cookbook is what ruined her dancing career, so she's bent on destroying magic once and for all for everyone. She does this by slowly infecting anyone with any knowledge of magic and erasing it, using a powerful variant of the Can't Recall Caramel. She targets the other In Betweeners and the OC's. Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie manage to escape her curse by using a protection spell.

Trivia Edit

  • Caroline was in the high school graduation class of 1997
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