Charles Peizer, also known as Chuck, originally lived during the 1860s. The Peizer family was one of the original settler families of Saffron Falls. Charles and his younger sister, Rose Peizer, were the chosen protectors of the book. They were cooking a magical mulberry pie. Rose ate the first bite, and she became a drawing in the book. Charles, finding no cure in the 1800s, traveled to 1965. He gave himself a new name: Chuck Hankins. There he met young protectors Gina Silvers, Ida Perez (now known as Mama P), and Rebecca Patterson (currently Becky Quinn). Gina introduced him to magic, though of course he already knew about it. He tried to access the book to find a way to save his sister, but he had tried to make himself immortal, so his access to the book was restricted. At the 1965 Pluot Festival, Rebecca gave Chuck a caramel apple with Can't Recall Caramel. Since he was from the past, it worked wonky on him. He disappeared. At the Pluot Festival 50 years later, he reappeared. The current protectors were Kelly Quinn (Rebecca's granddaughter), Hannah Parker-Kent and Darbie O'Brien. He kept trying to get the book, but it gave him an electric shock when he touched it. In Just Add Rose, Kelly used Memory Mallows to look in Chuck's memories. She saw that he loved his sister. Kelly told Chuck that he shouldn't hurt their friend just because of his mistake. Rose was just a little girl. Kelly broke Chuck's immortality spell, so Rose came out of the book. Chuck and Rose walked away into the past- literally.
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