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Charles Peizer aka Charles "Chuck" Hankins is the main antagonist of Just Add Magic Season 2 Part 1. He is portrayed by Zach Callison. He is a former protector of the Cookbook who craved power but then because of that he lost his sister.


Chuck has greased dark brown hair, that he later combs off to the side. In the 60s, he would wear leather jackets, paired with jeans and dirty size 10 white converse shoes. When he returns to the present day, he wears modern clothes such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. He has dark brown eyes and fair skin. In the 1800s, he is seen with neatly combed hair and often wears a black suit. His outfit in the present day had been chosen by the girls to make him fit.


Chuck was described by Willy as a prankster, always goofing around with friends and cracking jokes. He was fun to be around with and hung out with a lot of friends. When he was in high school with the OC's, he was known to be a constant heart-breaker, going out with one girl, breaking up with her the next day. However, outside of his 1960s high school boy life, he was a completely different person. Chuck was very caring about his little sister Rose, which is why he spent years trying to get her back after she was accidentally cursed. Chuck's very stubborn and persevering, as he didn't let anything get in his way to restore Rose. This shows that Chuck cares for only his sister which is why he caused all this trouble for Kelly, Darbie, Hannah and the OC’s. Chuck is also very sneaky and devious, as he plotted to ruin Ida's life by getting her dad to leave her job, and nearly succeeded with doing the same with Kelly's dad, until Kelly figured out the truth. Chuck is also shown as very manipulative, as he tricked Gina, Becky, and Ida into believing that he did not know magic and luring Gina thinking that he liked her and showing him the cookbook. Also he was really old due to magic, as said in season 2, and that was why the Miso-Person Soup did not work on him, nor the Kick 'em Out Chicken Soup since the pie he baked with Rose was so powerful it nullified offensive magic.


Chuck was born somewhere around 1854. He lived with his sister Rose Peizer in the Peizer estate along with his father, Joseph Peizer and his mother. Sometime in the 1860s, he and his sister Rose found the cookbook and became protectors. One day, Chuck decides he wants to keep the book forever, so he and Rose cook an immortality spell in the form of Mulberry Pie. Unfortunately, the spell goes wrong and Rose gets trapped in the cookbook. He tried everything to get her out. After he trapped his sister in the Cookbook, he told to the news reporters that she was playing in the front yard, but when he went to retrieve her, she was gone. So, according to them, she was declared as missing. He is know to be of Jewish religion.

An old school photo taken of Chuck on September 1st, 1868.

Later, in Just Add Goodbye Chuck is seen helping Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah when they went back in time to look for Parquinnien. He says that it does not exist, and shows them a spice chart. Right after the girls go back to the future, Chuck's friend, Ian Maddox, shows up and brought something in a box which he says they have to destroy. Chuck finds a pocket watch with a knife, fork and spoon logo on it, which is most likely the one Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah find when Chuck's secret bunker is found.

In New Protectors, Chuck tells Ian that the box cannot be destroyed. Ian gets angry, telling Chuck that he cannot accept it. Chuck tells his friend that there is no way to break the box and that they have to hide it somewhere; Ian responds that the Wessons, who he took it from, are dangerous and if they get the box back they will be unstoppable, and that they won't care who is harmed. Later in the episode, Chuck takes the hands off of the pocket watch and tells Ian to hide the box, and that he put a spell on the hands so that whoever held the hands held the secret.


Charles and his family in the 1860s, shortly before Rose disappeared

When Charles got to the 1960s, he changed his name from Charles Peizer to Chuck Hankins. Still determined to get Rose out of the cookbook, he tried swapping her out for one of the OC's, all three of whom he knew very well. He failed and the OC's, thinking it was their fault he knew about the magic, tried to curse him with Can't Recall Caramel. The spell did not work and instead made him disappear until he showed up at the Present Annual Pluot Festival


Chuck got off the Ferris wheel at the Pluot Festival after the protectors unfroze the town with Last Ditch Layer Cake. He encountered the Traveler, who sacrificed her physical body to temporarily erase his memories. Chuck then appeared at Mama P's as a result of the Settle the Beef Sandwich spell. At first, the girls and the OC's didn't believe him about his amnesia, especially Becky. Shortly after, the girls gave him a Trust me Tabouli and decided they could trust him. Chuck slowly began to regain his memory. After his memory was fully restored, Chuck attempted to gain Kelly's family's trust so that he could continue with his plan to get Rose out of the book. However, Kelly was able to stop him. He made his own book, which stole the girls' recipes, but they eventually managed to take them back.

Chuck proceeded to steal Jake's body using his Morbium Shadow-root which he had stolen from Mama P, after the OCs trapped him in Lavender Heights, presumably spelling Hannah with a Jake-Rito. The girls manage to get Jake back by cooking a Kick-Em-Out Chicken Soup using Miss Silvers' Morbium seed. After that, the spell he had put on Hannah is revealed. He brings Hannah to his family's estate to attempt to put her in the cookbook in exchange for Rose. Later, it is revealed that Chuck put Rose in the book unintentionally, and that he has only been trying to get her back out because he loved her. Soon, Rose and Chuck's immortality spell breaks, and they go back to the 1800s.

Gina Silvers

Off the charts, Chuck and Gina met each other shortly after the girls found out about the cookbook. Chuck was the closest to Gina, but unfortunately, the only reason he had anything to do with the girls is to take control of the cookbook. Gina had a crush on Chuck, but it's unknown if Chuck ever knew about this. Gina told him a lot about magic, and explained the role of ingredients and even showed him parts of the cookbook. Chuck, following his act, pretended to be amused by all this information, however, he already knew all this. After Chuck disappeared, due to the Can't Recall Caramel, Gina kept Chuck in her heart and was beyond surprised and happy when he returned decades later. According to Willy, Gina and Chuck had a relationship going on, but it was likely not very serious.

Rebecca Quinn

Becky was good friends with Chuck, just like Gina and Ida were back in high school. In the past, Becky Quinn was known as Rebecca Patterson in her school, as Patterson was her maiden name. Chuck actually had a crush on Becky, and he even took her to the Pluot Festival, even though he and Gina were still going out. Becky was the one who gave Chuck the caramel apple at the Pluot Festival, and she was scared in the future of what Chuck could do if he came back. But, just like the other girls, Becky kept Chuck in her heart, as she never meant for Chuck to disappear. Becky thought that Chuck would have something against her for accidentally sending her back, but he didn't, because he still had a chance to swap Rose out for one of the protectors.

Ida Perez

Ida, also known as Mama P, was a victim but also a friend to Chuck like Gina and Becky. She was a victim because Chuck used magic to fire her dad from his job and stole her Morbium seed. Ida attempted to steal the Morbium Seed back when Darbie, Jake, and Ida worked together to get Kelly out of Chuck's trailer. When she offered to clean up, she was able to sneak in and grab the Morbium. She did everything she could to stop him and get her Morbium back when he had returned. Chuck found out and was able to trade them with a counterspell to the sleep spell he put on them for the Morbium and his cookbook back. Chuck ended up using Ida's Morbium when the OC's trapped Chuck in Lavender Heights.

Rose Peizer

Rose is Chuck's little sister. They are three years apart. Rose and Chuck became the protectors of the cookbook in the 1860s. Together, they made lots of recipes and had fun together. Chuck cared very deeply for his sister and would do just about anything for her happiness and well being. The same applied to Rose, and she loved her older brother and trusted him. One day, the two siblings were making a magic mulberry pie to grant a forever bond with the cookbook, and the unthinkable happened. One moment, Rose and Chuck were relaxed, and about to try some of the pie, and the next, Rose had disappeared. Chuck saw that Rose was trapped in the cookbook, with no way out and he was horrified. After Chuck took a slice of the pie, he became immortal. After this mishap, Chuck was determined to bring Rose back. He followed the protectors of the cookbook after him and tried to cook up recipes to bring back Rose, but he had no such luck. He tried with the OC's in 1960's, nearly a century after his duo, he tried with Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie, and it wasn't until around 2016, when Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie voluntarily brought Rose back from the book when Chuck tried to put one of those three into the book to swap out Rose. After that, Chuck and Rose went back to their original timeline and lived out their lives.

Ian Maddox

Ian Maddox was part of the trio that the book was passed onto after Chuck's duo ended. In Ian's trio, they created the sourdough starter. The Wesson brothers were among the trio, and it was the time of the gold rush, so they wanted more gold. Ian Maddox was able to take the starter that the Wesson brothers made and used often and turned to Chuck for help on how to destroy it. In return, Chuck said the last option was to hide it where the Wesson brothers would never think of. Time. They hid the starter in the future, where they thought that no one could abuse it, but the situation turned worse because nowadays gold is critical in many things, like buildings, and electronics.


  • Chuck was born in London
  • Chuck's favorite drink is orange soda
  • Chuck's favorite snacks are Little Judy oatmeal cream cakes.
  • In multiple instances in the show, it was written that Chuck's father was named Albert Peizer. However, later it is revealed that his real name is actually Joseph. This is likely a small inconsistency throughout Just Add Magic.
  • Chuck was the only villain to have used other means to threaten the girls without magic. (He tries to scare Kelly by getting her dad fired from his job) Mostly every other villain used magic as their means of getting the girls to be scared.
  • Chuck's intention of having loved ones back with them is seen in Kelly in season 3, this is shown when Kelly wants Darbie and Hannah to be her friends again.
  • Out of the 3 protectors Kelly seems the most affected by Chuck. This is shown every time Chuck speaks or makes contact with Kelly she looks on the verge of tears. - This may be because Becky being terrified and angry with Chuck passes through to Kelly.