Darbie O' Brien is one of the three main characters in Just Add Magic. Her two best friends are Kelly and Hannah.

Appearance Edit

Darbie has red hair that falls a little beyond her shoulders. She has blue eyes and freckles all over her face. She usually wears her hair down, but sometimes she will be seen with her hair up, such as during basketball tryouts, and pigtails.

Personality Edit

Darbie is a funny and laid-back person. She always knows how to cheer someone up and make them laugh. Darbie loves pretty much any kind of food and could get a little carried away when cooking with her friends. She especially loves chocolate. She sometimes is also responsible as shown in the episode Just Add Birthdays.

She loves magic as much as Kelly and Hannah do. Her dad, Patrick, introduced her to Amy, they are cubicle buddies from work. First, she was little uncomfortable with her, but once she did get to know her, she started to warm up to her. As seen in Just Add Magic, she is very caring of Amy and makes amends between Amy and Patrick when they broke up, making them a couple again. Ever since they got the Cookbook, she has been dying to cook Itchy Ice Cream. It was made by RJ for Caroline by getting revenge on a teacher by making him itch like crazy. Darbie is known to say yes to anything, as seen in Just Add Pluots, Part 1. She also cares a lot about her friendship with Kelly and Hannah, and does whatever it takes to make amends when they fight.

History Edit

Darbie met Kelly in kindergarten, and she met Hannah through Kelly. The three instantly clicked and became inseparable. The trio remained friends all throughout elementary and middle school. Although they would have small disagreements once in a while, they always managed to resolve their problems and mend their friendship.

Sometime in her school life, her father, Patrick, and her mother, Jenny got divorced. This was an especially hard time for Darbie, but with the help of her friends she managed to get through it. Darbie lives with her father since the divorce, and presumably visits her mother once in a while.

When Darbie was 12, she and the girls discovered the Cookbook. The trio was chosen to become the next protectors of the book. Together, they made many recipes together, some for fun, and some to help cure Kelly's grandmother, Becky's illness. Later, when it was discovered that Becky's illness was really a magical curse, the three created recipe after recipe to break the curse. It wasn't until the season one finale where Darbie and the girls managed to create a Last-Ditch Layer Cake that broke all the curses in town, including Becky's. However, this did bring in some uninvited guests, such as Chuck.

Together, the girls are able to put a stop to Chuck. In Season 2, Darbie decides to take part in the school play. Here, she makes new friends such as Piper and Oren. This also teaches her detective skills, which play a huge part in her role of a protector. Her new skills allowed her to uncover Jill's true identity. Additionally, she learned how to be more responsible which also showed in the kitchen when she cooked with Kelly and Hannah.

Relationships Edit

Kelly and Hannah Edit

Kelly, Hannah and Darbie are the current chosen protectors of the Cookbook. They are also very close friends, and have never been apart since they met back in kindergarten. The three are constantly making sacrifices for each other, as well as helping each other out, as friends do.