in this page you will find how the cookbook has changed over time when it originally formed and who are its protectors past and present.

i hi I'm I am Darby I am Hannah and I am Kelly and since we used to be the protectors we figured you could learn a little bit about magic

we learn that magic is real and it comes with a lot of responsibilities we also learned that there is a cookbook that has magic spells inside but be careful As I would say ( Hannah ) always read the fine print

oh and don't be shocked when you become a protector or question in the book I can sound Ludacris if you think about it like that ( Darby )

oh and we never ended up figuring out who created the book but we think it's the traveler because she always passes it out to people when they first become protectors as seen when we went to the Cedros forest

Ooh and there's this kid named Chuck Peiser although he's not really a kid anymore and he sorta accidentally trapped his sister inside the book for what was supposed to be for ever until he tried to steal our book we were the right girls to fight him and got it back and on our way we ended up freeing his sister because well I forgot to mention because I'm clumsy anal being Derby and other stuff but the reason why we helped him out in the first place was because he trapped our dear friend Hannah into the book just like you accidentally did with his sister except for this time it was on purpose. I am exhausted what Hannah take it from here

That's right I am Hannah the famous Hannah that was trapped in the book forever well at least until my best friends freed me the next thing you need to know is that you can combine different spices oh I guess we probably should've said what spices are spices well I can't really put it into words but no fear we have a cooking expert with us take it from here Kelly .

A spice is a kinder enhancers food if that makes sense it's a CD kind of that makes food more flavorful and worth the wait don't tell me you haven't waited for food and it tasted so bad that you took a complaint to the manager I think everybody's done that at least once in their life am I right?

I haven't Hannah said that but I drowned her out

I think it's Darby's turn to speak anyways

Well after Chuck there was still a lot of work to do we had well a big problem but to explain this will have to go back to the beginning and I think I'll talk to you guys later but I think there's really no one better you can explain how this all started then Kelly Quinn herself

No really you take it from here but it's about your grandma oh you mean like that beginning yeah I think it's great you chose me now.

All right just hurry up already we've wasted enough time

it's not your turn to speak

It all started when I made something special for someone special but then my dumb brother had to go and mess it all up and don't even talk about how long getting off track I'm getting there anyway after you made me mad he ran up to the attic and head now the attic was practically illegal to go to in our house so I was definitely scared now because there's any spiders or anything in there but anyway we knocked over a box and there was this well cookbook in there and you see the person I was making food for was my grandma and well she was getting sick I guess she couldn't talk or say award but eventually we found out that it was because the book we cooked a bunch of spells and they didn't lead us too much too much I guess the thing is we were just getting started with this book we didn't know much about it orange thing like that but we quickly learned that there was downsides downsides are the price you have to pay after cooking a style it could be losing a friend getting a curse or losing track of time and for me all that is happened but through that I learned that friendship is more powerful than anything there's also counter spells what can stop a downside from happening and eventually yes I did break my grandma's curse we found out she was not Ssick she was just spelled from our book that V found in the attic it's crazy to think maybe that incident with body wasn't an incident after all but anyway we created a cake called last ditch layer cake And it broke every curse that is how Chuck came back Hhe was cursed by my grandma and her two friends mama P and Gina silvers they were the former protectors before us and the Inbetweeners that is where Tthat is where Derby is getting to next

II am oh right I am so remember how old they were The old Ca protectors well they showed us everything we knew and they all forgot about magic someone out there was cursing people to forget about magic luckily she won't be a bother anymore we will explain later but anyways you see Kelly's mom running for mayor and she had an assistant Jill Llater we found out that Hannah's teacher had a list of protectors and they were all crossed off except for our names we got scared and thought that he was the one cursing people so we invited him over and trapped him in our house that may seem harsh but it was the right thing to do he explained that he thought we were the ones cursing people I mean how could he think that but anyway so he told her that he was friends with RJ that was one of the Inbetweeners I came up with that name because they were after Kelly's grandma but before us so they were in between Kelly's Grandma and us hence the name and also no well Jasper a student at rock berry Also was with the book and so was Coraline and Coraline you see she cannot wait to see if she made the dance finals so she jumped forward with pick a date dates pick a date date is a spell where are you can travel to the past but you can only do it once they travel to the future well at least they tried to Coraline came out a different person literally it's the best spell also was with the book and so was Coraline and Coraline you see she could not wait to see if she made the dance finals so she jumped forward with pick a date date pick a date date is a spell where you can travel to the past but you can only do it once they travel to the future well at least they tried to Coraline came out a different person literally it's the best photo ever Eever but then again Kelly says I say that a lot and we accidentally kind of lead her to the spice garden full of magical spices and we sort of attacked it ourselves with a protection shake so that we did not get cursed but we acted like we actually did and she ended up wanting to forget magic her self so she cursed herself and now she never knows about magic so that's why she Isn't a threat but the bad thing was that she soda ruined the magical spice Garden and now it was just turned to ash almost but there was only one thing we could do KoKo spel isn't a threat but the bad thing was that she sorta ruined the magical spice garden and now it was just turned to ash almost but there was only one thing we could do Is Cook a spell Bbut the style that we cooked had a riddle and it basically said that we would have to give up something equivalent to what we did so we all thought the downside was losing a book but it was actually something bigger than that losing our friendship. Aafter that a bunch of crazy things happened but there would be nobody better to tell you about it then Kelly and you'll see why later

You see mama P sold her business she ran a restaurant called mama P but then a new lady took ownership and renamed it Springtown coffee her name was She had a daughter D and you already know what her name is so I'm not gonna save you the trouble so her business started and strange things started happening like an earthquake and we found a park to watch that blonde to Chuck a.k.a. the evil protector who tried to put Hannah in a book anyway we found evidence that she may be Eevil our friend Jake he works at Mama please he is the one who always spies on everything for us he looked at the Security cameras and found out that she what is the cooking Spells but that's not it we also saw that there were two of her and that's she stole Chuck's pie tin to Coke food with and she ended up cooking Mama peas keep the cookbook forever casserole and I should know because that was me I deliberately tricked my friends and I insisted on apologizing but they wouldn't let me that's how good of friends they are and besides it wasn't like it was my fault I had no control over it it was the downside so wet one thing Oout of all of this stick inside your head down sides can be powerful but there are one thing that can prevent a downside from going any further than it needs to that is friendship friendship is the most powerful thing in the universe to me friendship can save you when you desperately need it so do in this Lletter I want to tell you be careful as one wise woman said this book can either bring you closer to gather or tear you apart it's your choice on what it does to you sincerely Kelly Hannah .. wait I want to tell her a few more things before we say goodbye the traveler also said that the book is thousands of years old I mean how cool is that and there is a pretty much guarantee that you are always going to say best spell ever because there are a lot of spells in there the book literally never ends OK now you can sign my name sincerely Hannah Darby Kelly Quinn etter I want to tell you be careful as

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