Erin Chua Sellitti is a recurring character in Season 3. In the beginning, she is shown to be the antagonist of the season. After Mama P suddenly closes Mama P's and goes on vacation, Erin buys it out and opens up a Springtown Coffee in the former location of Mama P's.

Appearance Edit

Erin has a slim figure and slightly tanned skin. She styles her brown hair with caramel highlights into a wavy bob, paired with her round dark brown eyes and rosy lips. She has a small beauty mark on her cheek under her left eye.

Personality Edit

At work Erin seems to be demanding and strict, but despite this she has a fun side that she seems to let out at Kelly's birthday party. In the beginning it it seemed to be believed that Erin is the antagonist of Season 3, holding ulterior motives and a sneaky, villainous behavior. It's revealed in Just Add Kelly that this was all Kelly in disguise of the Chameleon Cauliflower when she was spelled with the downside of growing back the garden. In reality, Erin is a kind and smart businesswoman, especially caring of her daughter, Zoe.

History Edit

After Mama P closes Mama P's, Erin owns up a Springtown Coffee in its location. She employs Jake, as per Mama P's request. The girls believe Erin is the "Night Bandit", which was all part of spelled Kelly's ploy.

Erin drops off Zoe at Kelly's birthday party in Just Add Surprise and is invited to stay longer by Terri, which she happily accepts. She and Jake have fun and do karaoke together, but everything goes back to normal, albeit awkwardly, at work the next day at Springtown Coffee.

Relationships Edit

Zoe Edit

Zoe is Erin's daughter. The two have a close mother-daughter relationship and Erin cares about her daughter very deeply. When Zoe is invited to Kelly's birthday party, Erin buys a present on her daughter's behalf and when Zoe forgets it in the car, Erin willingly drives back to return it to her daughter, showing her love and respect for her daughter.

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