Hailey Parker-Kent is the older sister of Hannah. She is a supporting character in Just Add Magic, and is portrayed by Kirrilee Berger.

Personality Edit

Hailey tends to be the worst when around Hannah and very demanding. But despite their differences, Hailey cares about Hannah. Although she was angry with Hannah in Season 1 because she took her noise- canceling headphones, after sometime she apologized to Hannah.

She loves to listen to music and read books, especially books by Trudith Winters, her favorite author. Hailey seems to have a rather calm personality when she's not around Hannah, as seen when she met Trudith.

Appearance Edit

Hailey has fair skin and long, wavy brown hair. She has round, dark brown eyes and a sharp nose. She is usually seen wearing sleeveless tops and patterns. She also wears jewelry.

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