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Hannah's room is an area of the Parker-Kent Residence, where Hannah resides.

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Hannah's room appeared in a few episodes including Just Add Secrets, Just Add Dogs, and Just Add Besties. Her room is a bit smaller than Kelly's, although it is still quite large.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The room is painted an aquamarine blue, and the overall theme is coral and light blue. On her door is a bulletin board. Hannah has a light brown closet and a door opposite to her bed.

The wall between to the closet and door has a few small tissue paper flowers. Her curtains are patterned and salmon colored and her bed is patterned coral and gray.๐Ÿ˜„

Right in front of her bed is a small dark gray bench with a light gray throw blanket on it. She has 3 paintings above her bed that are purple, blue, and green. There is also a picture of a dancer above her bed. There are two identical bedside tables with lamps with light blue bases.

There is also a table next to her bed, and a blue chair with a patterned pillow. The table has a clear purple chair, a blue desk lamp, a pink stapler, and a few school supplies. Next to the table are two other hanging shelves with more frames.

There๐Ÿ˜ƒ is also a white dresser with more decorations.In her room, she also has a piece of decor that resembles a blue bucket, with a small paper fan in it.

There are two hanging shelves above the chair displaying a few frames and books. She also has a small patterned ottoman on the floor, a gray shaggy rug, and a few pillows on a large gray bench opposite the bed.

Above the bench are a few frames of various pictures. There are also ballet slippers, and judging from the ballerina on the wall it must mean that she also likes ballet.

The room got a little bit darker and more mature-looking in Season 2. In Season 1 the walls were a really light blue, almost white, and had puffy white curtains with pink bows going down the sides. In Season 2 the light blue becomes more of a robin blue, and the curtains became patterned and coral.

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