Hannah Parker-Kent is one of the three main characters in Just Add Magic. She is a protagonist in the series and a tritagonist of Mystery City. She has two best friends: Kelly Quinn and Darbie O'Brien whom are former protectors along with her.


Hannah is a little shorter than her friends. She has wavy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her hair was much straighter in the pilot, with a loose curl at the very end, but her hair changed and became much more curled later on. She has fair skin and is usually seen wearing casual dresses or tops with floral patterns, denim pants or skirts. Her style is a mixture of classic and girly. Many of the things she wears are bright and patterned, and she usually pairs her outfits with headbands of all shapes, styles, and colors; or bright, chunky necklaces. Hannah wears a little makeup more than Kelly or Darbie. She usually wears light pink eye shadow, blush, and mascara. She loves the piano.


Hannah is a smart and intelligent person. She's very mature and is always organized, in contrast to her friend, Darbie. She keeps a strict schedule although she never feels tired. Numbers help her be calm.[1] She prefers safety first and ensures that she and her friends are using magic responsibly. Hannah always cares about her friends. At times she will goof off with her friends. An example of this is when she and Darbie make the BFF PBJ in order to persuade Trudith Winters into signing a copy of Doomed Exodus to Moonbai, ruining her sister's copy of the book. She is very kind and resourceful, and she always does the right things even when it is dangerous. She is also extremely loyal and sweet. Though unusually paranoid at times, Hannah will do anything to ensure that her friends and family are safe.


Hannah met Kelly and Darbie in kindergarten in Mama P's, when Darbie walked backward carrying her tray and accidentally spilled it on Kelly's shirt. Hannah happened to have an extra T-shirt, which she handed over to Kelly. Since then, the have been close friends ever since. A few years later, presumably when Hannah was about 8 years old, she and the girls met Jake.

First Season

When Hannah was 12 years old, she, along with Kelly and Darbie, came across a mysterious cookbook in Kelly's attic. The trio decided to cook a few recipes from this book and noticed that these recipes were magical. The girls later learned that they are the protectors of the cookbook. Together, they create many recipes in order to cure Kelly's grandmother, who was under a magic spell.

Second Season

Hannah and her friends face a very challenging antagonist, the mysterious Charles Peizer, who goes by the alias Chuck Hankins. The trio tries to convince him to trust them, but eventually, he got his memories back and knew exactly what he was hunting for. Meanwhile, Hannah had a hard time adjusting to Fox Canyon Magnet, where she was judged and isolated by Mr. Morris Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie witnessed their recipes missing after they cooked them, and they immediately suspected Chuck, or rather Charles. When the girls found a counter in their cookbook, it led them to Charles's trailer. Kelly and Darbie came back in a few days, under the spell of Big Mussels and Spinach. Kelly was physically strong, while Darbie was determined. Kelly opened the door not knowing there was a spell that would trap her inside while she was stealing Chuck's cookbook. Darbie opened the door and freed Kelly. Now that they had his cookbook, they saw a Victorian drawing of a girl, Rose, who was Chuck's sister who he had very accidentally trapped inside the cookbook. The OCs had trapped Chuck in Lavender Heights after moving him and his trailer there, giving the trio some time to figure the mystery out. In the excitement, Jake Williams, a friend of them, had his body taken over by Chuck, and when the trio got him out, he went on to put Hannah into the cookbook to swap her out for Rose.

Third Season

Hannah and Darbie are helping Kelly rehearse for her debate class, when Charles Peizer shows up and tells them about the properties of the pocket watch. Darbie, Kelly, and Hannah show up briefly to make sure the new protectors Zoe Chua, Leo Sellitti, and Ishita "Ish" Gupta know everything and give them the pocket watch that belonged to Ian Maddox, Zoe's father. The pocket watch corresponded with Zoe's necklace, and when paired with it, the pocket watch stopped at the time 7:13, which the protectors accurately assumed as 7:13 AM (not 7:13 PM), the time they get off the subway and into Unity Station with Walk Through Wall-fles, a spell that Darbie had always wanted to try out. The old protectors help the new protectors find the starter by putting their hands with the current protectors' hands between the 3 poles that formed an equilateral triangle, which Darbie identifies, surprising herself as she was not very skilled in Geometry Class. They then help the new protectors destroy the starter and helped Zoe travel in time to get ideas on how to destroy the starter. However, they did not succeed as the Wessons spelled them under the Honey-do as I say Sorbet spell, making them give the starter to them. The Wessons began to use them for bad things, like getting gold. Eventually, Pierce Hamilton's house, while Cody Hamilton and Lexi Hamilton were in the subway, got crashed down as gold was in the pipes that were holding the house up. Darbie, Kelly, and Hannah then helped Ish, Leo, and Zoe to make Time Stop Lollipops, Teleporting Tamales, and Metal Manipu-Latte to save the people. Then, they made the starter into pizza and created a recipe that would make magic known to everyone.


Kelly Quinn

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Kelly and Hannah have been very close friends for many years. They met when they were in Mama P's, when Darbie bumped into Kelly and Hannah offered them an extra shirt. Hannah is always there for Kelly, and she always helps guide Kelly in the right way. The two care for each other very deeply, and despite their arguments, have an impenetrable bond.

Darbie O' Brien

Hannah and Darbie were introduced to each other through Kelly back in kindergarten, when they met at Mama P's and Darbie and Kelly bumped into each other and started to clean up, Hannah offered them a clean shirt. Although their personalities are almost the complete opposite, the two remain to be very good friends and would do anything for each other. Hannah is always laughing at Darbie's jokes and the two always help each other out in tough situations.

Hailey Parker Kent Hailey is the older sister of Hannah, and the two have lived with each other for as long as they were alive. Hailey tends to boss Hannah around a lot, and constantly gets annoyed with her. However, despite their frequent arguments, Hailey and Hannah love each other very much and, as Hailey is her older sister, she cares a lot about Hannah's health. Although she rarely shows it, Hailey always wants to make sure her little sister is okay, and that she's never in danger. Hailey even loves to hang out with Hannah, but she rarely shows it. Hailey is a big fan of Trudith Winters.



  • Hannah loves music. She is shown having guitar and piano lessons.
  • Hannah is not a fan of the Doomed Series of Trudith Winters, unlike Kelly and Darbie, who are big fans. She fell asleep reading the series in the bathtub, ruining her sister's signed copy of the Doomed Series. That is one of the reasons why she agreed to become best friends with Trudith Winters by Making the PB & J BFF with Darbie.
  • Of all the girls,Hannah is shown to be more responsible with the magic as evident in Just Add Pluots when she tried to stop Kelly from getting help from Mama P.
  • Hannah's favorite color is red.
  • In the Last Ditch Layer cake,Hannah prepared the pink layer for werpoes.
  • Hannah almost got trapped in the book by Chuck so as to swap her for his sister ,Rose.
  • Hannah's room appears in a few episodes like ,Just Add Dogs,Just Add Secrets etc.
  • Hannah was previously friends with Charlotte.
  • Hannah is also frenemies with Leah.
  • The effect of the shut 'em up shortcake on Hannah was she lost her voice.
  • When the girls cook Mind Peering Peppermints to read Gina Silvers' mind ,their suspicious neighbor, but they suspect that Gina reads their mind instead. Upon hearing this, Hannah tells her friends she has to change her locker combination because she was thinking of that as numbers calm her down..
  • The last spells Hannah ever cooked were Teleporting tamales and Share a pizza the pie.
  • She came up with the idea to make Give Up What You Want Gumdrops .
  • She transferred to Fox Canyon Magnet from Rockbury Middle School where she got Ms.Silvers a job for a piano teacher.
  • She worked at Mama Ps for one day in order to fill in for Kelly in Just Add Telepathy.
  • She is quite similar to Gina Silvers.

  1. When the girls cookMind lotte.g Peppermints to read the minds of Gina Silvers, their suspicious neighbor, Silvers read their mind instead. Upon hearing this, Hannah told her friends that she had to change her locker combination, as she told them that numbers make her calm.
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