The in-betweeners is a nickname for the three former protectors of the Cookbook from the 1990s. The naming behind their nickname is the fact that they protected the book in between the OC's and Kelly and the girls. The three protectors were RJ White, Nöelle Jasper and Caroline Palmer, later known as Jill.

History Edit

The In-Betweeners were juniors at Lavender Heights High School while they had the Cookbook. The three of them were very irresponsible and reckless students. Many of their recipes were cooked for their own personal gain. For example, the trio hated talking tests so Caroline discovered a recipe for Fill-In-The-Bubble Gum so that they could cheat on their tests using magic. Another time, RJ helped Caroline get revenge on a teacher by making him itch like crazy with Itchy Ice Cream.

The in-betweeners were close friends with Arthur Morris in high school. They told him about the Cookbook so that he could use his smarts to help them with how to break the spell of the Shut 'Em Up Shortcake. One day, Caroline was preparing for an audition at a ballet conservatory in Saffron Falls. She was curious to know if she would end up getting accepted, so she asked Arthur to modify the Pick-A-Date Dates to go into the future. Arthur was hesitant about it, but he did it anyways by altering the ingredients, increasing the amount of Taurian and adding a Merwaldian spice. When Caroline took a bite, the recipe worked as expected and she was taken to the future. However, when she tried to return to the past, it did not work. As a result, Caroline lost five days of her life which is why she never made it to the auditions. Afterwards, she was never able to get another audition, influencing her early hatred for magic.

At first they mostly cooked harmless pranks until Caroline got more and more ambitious. She cooked a Chameleon Cauliflower spell to completely change her appearance, which she used to get into a ballet class. After graduating high school, Caroline uses this same recipe to completely change her identity into a young woman named Jill. At this point, it is presumed that the book has moved on and the in-betweeners are no longer its protectors.

Trivia Edit

  • The in-betweeners were protectors of the Cookbook in 1996.
  • The in-betweeners were part of the graduating class of 1997 at Lavender Heights High School.
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