Jenny O'Brien is Darbie's mother in Just Add Magic. Her first appearance was in Just Add 1965. She is portrayed by Jenny Schmidt.

Appearance Edit

Jenny O'Brien has short, light red hair that is always down, hanging at her shoulders. Her eyes are a light bluish-gray, which contrast with her pink-peach skin tone. Her wardrobe consists of stripey button-up shirts with collars, and she wears a long gold chain with a circular pendant.

Personality Edit

Jenny has a very kind personality, and loves her daughter Darbie very much. She is supportive of whatever will make Darbie feel better. Jenny is also seen to be relatively worrisome, but always keeps her cool.

Relationships Edit

Jenny is only known to have one daughter, Darbie O'Brien. Since her divorce with Patrick a year ago, Jenny is not known to have seen any other men. Jenny's only known friends are Terri, Kelly's mother.

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