"Just Add 1965" is the fourth episode of Season Two. It premiered January 12, 2017 on Amazon Video.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Unable to get consistent answers from Grandma, Ms. Silvers, or Mama P about exactly what happened with Chuck in 1965, Kelly, Hannah and Darbie cook a recipe that allows them to observe past events. Meanwhile, Chuck gets closer to the Quinn family when he saves Buddy from a skateboarding accident.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode starts with Chuck in Ms. Silver's living room. He's walking around and then he grabs the edge of the sliding door, and gets small flashbacks of the Pluot Festival. He continues to walk into the kitchen and gets more flashbacks. Gina says that she shouldn't have told Chuck about the magic. Becky calls out to him to ask him to ride the Ferris Wheel with her. Ida's telling him to give the Morbium Seed back. When she bumps into Gina who's walking behind him. He apologizes and they talk about what to eat and he flashbacks to the Caramel Apple that time stopped him.

The scene cuts to Hannah and Kelly sitting in her room talking about how a single apple could've sent Chuck away for so long and all that happened to him. Darbie comes in late and announces that her parents are getting back together, and they celebrate for a while. They drift back on topic and they see the If These Walls Could Taco spell, which they look over and decide to cook it and eat it at Ms. Silver's house. They go to the roof to get the spices when they bump into Kelly's dad who's getting vinyl out of the attic. They quickly and smoothly get the spices and evade Kelly's dad.

The cooking scene plays as they cook the If These Walls Could Taco spell. They run over to Ms. Silver's house, eat the tacos, and watch the young Becky, Gina and Ida cook the Can't Recall Caramel. They figure out that they cooked it perfectly and they're now stumped about how that sent Chuck away.

Chuck meets Mr. Quinn and Buddy, and makes a small conversation about where to find Kelly. Mr. Quinn replies that she has her cell on her so he can give him a call.

The scene goes to Mama P who got a lock breaker to break the lock on the pantry. He can't explain why he can't open the locks but he leaves after Mama P gives someone a call.

The girls go to Corgy's and eat the tacos. They find out that Becky didn't spike the apple, but she did lie about how she used her Morbium Seed.

The OC's arrive at Mama P's and have a chat about what they cooked to lock Mama P out of her pantry. They chat more about what to do about Chuck.

Chuck comes to the Quinn household with Buddy, Buddy's arm is scraped and Chuck tells Mr. and Mrs. Quinn the story that a car came speeding down the road. They thank Chuck and Chuck introduces himself to Mrs. Quinn. Mr. Quinn and Chuck bond slightly over their similar bond of music in it's purest form.

The girls use the last of their tacos by themselves. Darbie realizes that her parent's aren't getting back together. Chuck and Mr. Quinn hang out in the attic for some time and Chuck finds the cookbook. Kelly finds out what happened the day Gina showed Chuck the cookbook. The Traveler appears and gives her a warning that he remembers. The scene changes and Darbie has the conversation with her dad about the divorce. The scene goes back to Chuck, Chuck finds a picture of the girls and pockets it. Kelly gets home and tells Chuck to back off.

Starring[edit | edit source]

Guest Starring[edit | edit source]

  • Aiden Lovekamp as Buddy Quinn
  • Mira Furlan as The Traveler
  • Todd Robert Anderson as Patrick
  • Zach Callison as Chuck Hankins
  • Samantha Bailey as Young Becky Quinn
  • Harper Quaintance as Young Gina Silvers
  • Tiana Le as Young Ida Perez

Co-Starring[edit | edit source]

  • Jenny Schmidt as Jenny
  • Jean St. James as Eleanor
  • Kodi Saint Angelo as Young Eleanor

Recipes Cooked[edit | edit source]

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