Just Add Barriers is the tenth episode of Season Two Part Two. It premiered on January 18th, 2018.

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After Mr. Morris reveals that he was not a former Protector, the three girls learn the history of who owned the magical cookbook before them.

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In Just Add Barriers, Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie create a spell that traps people from going into Kelly's house. The problem is, they trap in Mr. Morris too, what the girls think is a former protector along with RJ and Noelle. When they accidentally create a wall so they cannot exit the house, they try to re-cook the barrier recipe into a tomato soup to break the barrier. But Mr. Morris sees them trying to cook in the garage and breaks their Instant-Microwave that they were using to make the soup. Only then they come clean with him and tells him that they wanted him to stop cursing former protectors, which breaks the barrier preventing people from coming in. Bad news is, Mr. Morris says that they were the ones cursing the whole town of Saffron Falls. The girls are confused, and the episode ends.

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