Just add besnings

Just Add Beginnings is the eighth episode of Season Two Part Two. It premiered on January 18th, 2018.

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In order to protect themselves, the trio cooks a spell to help them remember magic forever. The downside is that they forget their friendship and ever meeting.

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Nöelle, RJ, and Mama P have all been cursed with the forget magic spell, and the trio are clueless of who is behind this all. They decide to cook a recipe which will make them remember magic, so they make Preserve a Memory Fruit Preserves. They remember magic, but they forget that they were ever friends. Jake and Ms. Silvers get suspicious about this, and decide to work together to fix it. Meanwhile, Grandma Becky goes to Laura's house and finds out who is cursing everyone to forget magic, but when she tries to call Kelly to tell her this, she forgets magic mid-sentence. Jake and Ms. Silvers ask Terri Quinn, Hannah's older sister Hailey, and Mama P about how Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie became friends. The problem is that each of them tell different stories, but they don't know which story is correct. They finally ask the mean basketball girl Charlotte about that day, and she actually tells them the right story. Jake and Ms. Silvers recreate the exact scene of how the girls met, and the girls then remember their friendship, as the spell is broken. They thank Ms. Silvers and Jake, and go to the trailer. They decide that their friendship is more important then remembering magic. Grandma Becky then walks in the trailer; Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie realize that Grandma Becky has also forgotten magic.

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