Just Add Chuck is the third episode of season two. It premiered January 12, 2017, on Amazon Video.

Synopsis Edit

The girls have their first interaction with Chuck, but it quickly becomes clear that he is suffering from some sort of amnesia. He doesn't remember anything about the Pluot Festival in 1965. Grandma and Mama P think he's lying and can't be trusted, so the girls cook a trust spell that helps Chuck adjust to the modern day - but it also unlocks some of his memories from 1965.

Plot Edit

(Coming Soon!)

Starring Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Todd Robert Anderson as Patrick O'Brien
  • Jen Drohan as Amy
  • Samantha Bailey as Young Becky Quinn
  • Harper Quaintance as Young Gina Silvers

Co-Starring Edit

  • Molly Pan as Stylist

Recipes Cooked Edit

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