Just Add Contagion is the seventh episode of Season Two Part Two. It premiered on January 18th, 2018.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Kelly, Hannah and Darbie try a spell on Mama P to help her remember magic but it backfires and they take away Mama P's personality, which then passes from person to person as the whole town starts to act like Mama P.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After Mama P locks up, Noelle rummages through the restaurant looking for her magical rosemary. She falls into the secret pantry, but is interrupted by Mama P coming to open up the next morning. The girls show Mama P her secret pantry, but Mama P is confused, having no memory of the magic. She thinks it's a prank, but the girls insist that it isn't. She sits down to think, but after taking a deep breath, her memory of magic is erased, once again. The girls search through the magic cookbook to try to find a cure for Mama P's lost memory curse. They land on an Extract the Magic Mac&Cheese, hoping that it will extract the memory curse put on her. Mama P tries the mac and cheese but doesn't seem to be released from the curse. She touches Kelly's arm. Darbie's Mom arrives at Mama P's, just before Amy (Darbie's dad's girlfriend), and Darbie suggests the three of them go shopping together, much to her mom and Amy's reluctance. They leave together, clearly uncomfortable. Kelly seems to be more competitive than usual, removing a "Lever Fever" sign from someone's yard and replacing it with her mom's campaign poster. A sale's representative arrives at Mama P's. She is very nice to him, which shocks Jake, as it seems extremely out of character for her to be that nice. Hannah meet with Gina Silvers to practice interviewing for a teaching position. Jake video chats with Hannah, who expresses that Mama P has "lost her edge." Hannah proposes that parts of Kelly's and Mama P's personalities must have been extracted and switched from the Mac&Cheese they made. Noelle snaps a photo of Kelly replacing Lever Fever signs and blackmails her into stealing spices from Mama P's spice pantry. Kelly bribed a server at the restaurant where Noelle used to work and discovered that Noelle was fired. Terri finds out that Kelly was replacing campaign signs, and grabs Kelly when saying, "what were you thinking?!" Kelly is back to normal, but now Terri has caught the competitive do-whatever-it-takes attitude. Kelly hugs her mom and the competitive nature is sucked back into Kelly. Hannah quickly touches Kelly and extracts it from her. Meanwhile, out shopping, Darbie struggles to get Amy and her mom to connect. They finally do, when they both agree on an outfit that is too mature for Darbie. They decide they want to be on good terms, for the sake of Darbie. Hannah meets with Gina Silvers before her interview and makes her more nervous. Hannah touches Gina and gives her the Mama P edge. She does well in her interview, and is offered the job. Hannah tells Gina everything, and they figure out they have to return to "Patient Zero," aka, Mama P, to give her personality back. The girls confront Noelle, stating they refuse to give her the magic spices. Noelle has no memory of blackmailing her and has also lost her memory of magic.

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