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Just Add Dogs is the third episode of Season 1. It premiered January 15th, 2016 on Amazon Video.


To find a lost dog, the three friends cook up Lost and Found-ue, but end up attracting everything that has been lost in the neighborhood. The three missing pages from the cookbook float into Kelly's bedroom. One of the items they return is a silver charm bracelet to Ms. Silvers, who says that it has been missing for many years. Later, she opens one of the charms and plants a seed from within it. Mama P cooks a spell and tries to leave town, but a mysterious and powerful wind prevents her from crossing the town border.


Hannah with Cowboy

The episode opens at Mama P's with Mama P making something while listening to music.It then goes to Kelly talking with Mrs. Carter about her dog, Cowboy, and how Kelly's taking care of him while Mrs. Carter is away over the weekend. Mrs. Carter shows her some emergency numbers and tells her that she's free to use the pool.Later, Hannah calls Kelly about what she's doing, while her sister Hailey comes into Hannah's room and looks for her headphones. Kelly suggests she comes over, and Hannah obliges.While Kelly is calling Darbie, it's revealed that Kelly's mom told her whether Kelly was. Hannah comes over, and the three hang out at the pool for a while.When the three are looking through pictures, they come across an old video of Grandma Becky. In it, Grandma and Kelly are cooking and joking around. Hannah asks Kelly if she's okay, and Kelly feels guilty that Grandma is under a spell. Hannah and Darbie reassure her, and then they go and make lunch.After making lunch, they realize that Cowboy got out. The three start looking around town for him, and they split up, Darbie going to the doggy park, Hannah to the doggie day spa, and Kelly just searching around.Kelly runs into Jake, and he agrees to start helping her once he gets back from Mama P's. Hannah is looking, but Hailey threatens to take her rage out on Hannah's stuffed monkey, Mr. Snuffles, if she doesn't get her headphones back.Darbie sees Cowboy, but he runs into the garden of Ms. Silvers. She tries to catch him, but fails. Ms. Silvers catches her and tells her to get out.Back at Kelly's house, the three are fruitless. Kelly suggests that they use the Cookbook and they agree. The book leads them to a recipe called Lost and Found-ue. They realize that a couple of pages have been torn out of the Cookbook, but they're at a lost to what happened to them. The three have everything except Night-Blooming Fennel, which Darbie saw in Ms. Silvers yard.


Recurring Cast

  • Catia Ojeda as Terri Quinn
  • Andrew Burlinson as Scott Quinn
  • Aiden Lovekamp as Buddy Quinn

Guest Starring

Newell Alexander as Wily Thompson


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