Just Add Fire is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Just Add Magic. It premiered January 12, 2017, on Amazon Video.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Aware that the girls took his book, Chuck casts a sleep spell; the girls, Grandma, Silvers and Mama P struggle to stay awake long enough to create a counter-spell.

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Chuck opens his trailer door to find the interior messed and disorganized, unlike the way he left it. He quickly realizes his cookbook is gone and frantically searches the trailer to make sure he still had Ida's Morbium, which had already been taken. Chuck lets out a grunt out of anger and quickly pulls out dishes and spices to start cooking.

Meanwhile, Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie are at Kelly's house, helplessly watching as more and more pages are transferred to Chuck's book. Hannah tries to relieve the tension by commenting that "at least [they] have his book and he doesn't.", which isn't taken well. Darbie comments that she is tired from staying up all night reading Trudith Winters' new book. While Hannah and Darbie discuss, Kelly looks through the Cookbook looking visibly distraught. She discovers that the supposedly infinite Cookbook had reached its end, with only a few pages left.

Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie trying to figure out what to do with the Cookbook.

Kelly comes up with the idea of destroying Chuck's book so that their recipes cannot be stolen anymore. Hannah and Darbie don't seem to agree with the idea, thinking that it would be dangerous. Suddenly, the Cookbook opens to the page for Lay Waste Lunar Lollipops. After looking over the recipe, Hannah comments that she's never heard of one of the ingredients listed, Kalimba cane sugar. The girls then decide to visit Mama P to obtain the needed spice.

Mama P is seen sitting in the kitchen in her café, drinking a cup of tea. She then picks up her Morbium seed and places it into her silver amulet. Jake interrupts her peace by telling her it's busy and he needs her help with the customers.

Mama P is serving customers at the counter when the girls walk in and come up to Mama P asking to talk to her, privately. The girls follow Mama P back into the kitchen where they tell her that they need Kalimba cane sugar. Mama P is curious about why they need the spice, telling them that it's an element spice. Mama P is hesitant to give it to them so she decides to call Becky and Gina to have a meeting.

Momentarily, the two women arrive at Mama P's. Becky is not fond of the idea and recalls what happened to her when she tried to destroy the book. Gina agrees with Becky and tells the girls that they need to find a different way to restore the book. However, Mama P disagrees and says that they should let the girls destroy the book. Kelly decides that they need to do their job as protectors so Mama P then hands over the Kalimba cane sugar in a small glass bottle, telling them to be careful.

After Kelly is given the spice, Chuck walks in with a smug look on his face. He tells everyone that he wants his book and Morbium back. This reveals to the girls, as well as Becky and Gina that Mama P went back and took her Morbium, much to their discontent. Chuck gets impatient, telling them to "discuss this on [their] own time". The girls confidently tell him that they're not going to give him anything. As a result, Chuck spells them with a sleep spell that will last a year. The girls and the OC's all yawn one after another as a result of the spell. Afterwards, Chuck leaves to go back to his trailer. The group splits up in two to figure out a solution to the spell.

Kelly and the girls head to the Quinn residence to look for a counter-spell in what's left of their Cookbook. The girls play the Glass Jackets' new album in hops that the loud dubstep music will help them stay awake. Kelly discovers a drawing of Rose in the Cookbook and shows the girls. They agree that the drawing is very creepy.

Meanwhile, the OC's meet up at Gina's house. Becky recalls old memories from high school with the Cookbook, specifically a recipe for Stay Upside Down Cake that helped them stay awake for a test. The women start cooking the cake in hopes of reversing the spell.

Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie discuss the drawing in the book more, even spotting Rose's eyes open when they were just closed a second ago. When Rose's head turns, they spot a rose in her hair. Kelly immediately forms a connection with when the Traveler said "Rose" in their dream.

The OC's talking about Chuck.

The OC's are finishing up their cake when they discover that Chuck had stolen the Merwaldian spring berries needed for the cake. The women return inside Gina's house, distraught and tired. They recall that Chuck was there when they cooked the recipe which explains how he knew they would try to cook it.

Later, the OC's are seen at Kelly's house. Kelly frantically searches through the Cookbook trying to find the drawing of Rose again without any luck. The spell is getting worse and Becky suggests they give Chuck what he wants, much to Kelly's disagreement. Darbie comes up with the idea of cooking from Chuck's book. They look through his book and find a recipe for Wide Awake Beef Wellington. The six of them cook the recipe and place it in the oven. After it is done baking, Kelly opens the oven to find that the beef Wellington separated into its original ingredients and did not bake in the oven. Gina concludes that Chuck is the protector of the book which is why they cannot cook from it.

The decision is made to give Chuck his book and Morbium back in exchange for the counter-spell. He meets everyone at Gina's house. Kelly hands over the book and Mama P gives Chuck her Morbium seed. Chuck then opens his bag which has bite-sized pieces of Wide Awake Beef Wellington wrapped in aluminum foil. Kelly and Mama P take them and hand them out to everyone. Kelly is upset that she failed the Cookbook and Gina regrets teaching Chuck about magic. Becky and Mama P get into an argument regarding the latter's Morbium seed. Becky then reveals that she used her own Morbium to separate the Cookbook from her and her friends, causing Kelly to become angry at her.

The girls taking the lollipops out of its mold.

That night, Kelly and the girls are back in Kelly's bedroom. Kelly picks up the nearly-empty Cookbook to find the last recipe inside it, Lay Waste Lunar Lollipops. The girls decide to cook it since the book must have given the recipe to them for a reason. The girls head downstairs into the kitchen to cook the lollipops. After they're done, they head outside in the backyard with the candy. They each lick their lollipop to see that the candy lets out a colored light. Then, the girls go over to the bonfire in Kelly's yard and each shine the lights from their lollipops on top of each other. A multicolored fire suddenly sparks in the bonfire. After some careful thought, Kelly decides to throw their now empty Cookbook into the fire.

Chuck is seen sitting at the picnic bench in front of his trailer. On the bench are a couple glass Izze bottles, a lantern, and a few packages of Little Judy oatmeal cream cakes, along with his cookbook. He adjusts his list of spices according to the recipes in the book. While flipping through it, he finds the drawing of Rose and looks at it longingly until his book suddenly goes up in flames. He gasps and quickly stands up to get away from the fire. The fire burns the entire book, leaving only its ashes on the bench. Chuck is angered by the fact that he lost his book and loudly shouts in response.

As a result, the girls discover that all their recipes have returned to the Cookbook. They are relieved to see the recipes back to their rightful place and share a group hug. Meanwhile, Chuck enters his trailer with anger on his face as he shoves away a bunch of dishes on his table that clatter onto the floor.

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