Just Add Goodbye is the eleventh episode of Season 3. It premiered on February 1st, 2019.


Grandma disappears into thin air, prompting Kelly, Hannah and Darbie to travel through time to create a brand-new spice that can save her. But will they have to pay the ultimate sacrifice and say goodbye to the cookbook forever?


Kelly's grandmother disappears as a downside of the spell that Kelly, Hannah and Darbie cooked to make the cookbook their property. Gina and Ida warn that once the spell becomes permanent, they would lose Becky forever. Since the book is the girl's property now, it automatically creates the counter-spell they need using Jake's recipe. However, the spell calls for a Parquinnien, a spice family they've never heard of. They travel to the 1800s to ask Chuck but he tells them that Parquinnien doesn't exist. They realize that they can create Parquinnien by blending three magic plant roots. However, it would take fifteen years for it to grow. So, they travel to the future to get the spice plant from their future selves. After breaking the bond with the cookbook, it erases only parts of their names in the book, making them realize that Parquinnien is a combination of their last names (Parker-Kent, Quinn, O’ Brien). named after them. After that, Kelly, Hannah and Darbie agree that they're ready for the book to move on to new protectors.

Recipes cooked

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