"Just Add Goodbyes" is the tenth episode of Just Add Magic: Mystery City

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Kelly Hannah, Darbie, Leo, Ish and Zoe try to destroy the starter and the room turns hot which means they can’t destroy it. Zoe, Kelly, and Darbie go back in time to cook If These Walls Could Taco. Meanwhile Hannah, Leo, and Ish try to get Lexi to help them to steal from Pierce. The building that all the houses are in could tear down when Pierce and Cody cook Sourd'Au. Zoe, Ish, and Leo save the day by freezing everything and everyone moving metal with metal manipu-lattes with Their minds and teleporting outside . The old protectors are proud and cook something that could share all the magic. Darbie Ends the series of just add magic original and just add magic mystery city with her best known line ‘ BEST SPELL EVER ‘ . then it shows the cookbook with no more recipes and disappears and it ends

=mb nnnnnnnnnnnn mn,<C cknc= Starring == Jolinb,jbjBcbjb<MnNaras... Erin10 episodes, 2020 Matt Dellapina... Nick Sellitti10 episodes, 2020 James Urbaniak... Pierce Hamilton9 episodes,XBMB ṀṀcMDXBnbzhbxzN 2020 Casey Simpson... Cody Hamilton8 episodes, 2020 Sydney Taylor... Lexi Hamilton8 episodes, 2020 Elliott Smith... Augie4 episodes, 2020 Shane Harper... Ian Maddox4 episodes, 2020 Zach Callison... Chuck3 episodes, 2020 Mona Sishodia... Nani3 episodes, 2020 Olivia Sanabia... Kelly Quinn2 episodes, 2020 Abby Donnelly... Darbie O'Brien2 episodes, 2020 Aubrey K. Miller... Hannah Parker-Kent2 episodes, 2020 Kavi Ladnier... Rashi1 episode, 2020 Barrett Carnahan... Cousin Matty1 episode, 2020 Andrew Lukich... James Walters1 episode, 2020 Ashley Boettcher... Cousin Frankie1 episode, 2020 Kyla-Drew... Claire1 episode, 2020 Paull Walia... Deepak1 episode, 2020 Randal Edwards... Mitch Shipman1 episode, 2020 Amber Friendly... Mrs. Anderson1 episode, 2020 Mira Furlan... The Traveler1 episode, 2020 Carole Gutierrez... Marsha the Librarian1 episode, 2020 Nandini Minocha... Diksha1 episode, 2020 Mike Quirk... Caricature Man1 episode, 2020 James Badstibner... The Aquarium Security Guard1 episode, 2020 Arden Belle... Adult Zoe1 episode, 2020 Justin Claiborne... Math Kid1 episode, 2020 Dominic Daniel... Mr. Bryant1 episode, 2020 Ari Dalbert... Adult Leo1 episode, 2020 Terryn Westbrook... Music Teacher1 episode, 2020 Anzu Lawson... Ms. Fletcher1 episode, 2020 Jy Prishkulnik... Adult Ish1 episode, 2020 Isiah Adams... The Musician1 episode, 2020 Vincent Angelo... The Chef1 episode, 2020 

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