Just Add Gumdrops is the third episode of Season 2 Part 2. It premiered on January 18th, 2018.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

When the girls create a spell to get RJ to give back the cookbook, they inadvertently learn that sometimes, by giving up what you want, you get what you need.

Plot[edit | edit source]

When RJ catches the girls with the cupcake he was going to bring to Alyssa’s engagement, he is shocked and admits that he wanted Alyssa to like him and not Nick. Then, Kelly‘s dad buys a new grill and tells Kelly not to start building it until the next day. The next day, Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie make another new recipe that RJ will notice, since he has access to magic. They make gumdrops that will make you give up your most treasured thing. The girls come up with a false name to fool RJ, so that he will give the cookbook back. They learn that you can't throw magic recipes without eating at least one. Kelly eats a gumdrop and completely gives up magic. RJ comes over to Kelly’s house and says he doesn’t want the cookbook, and gives it to Kelly. But Kelly puts the cookbook in an old pile of junk that would be sent to the thrift store. She works on the grill without her dad. Hannah and Darbie take Kelly there and the person working there tells them it’s $45. Hannah and Darbie have $25, so they need $20 from Kelly, since she has a job at Mama P’s. Hannah takes Kelly’s purse and gives the remaining $20. They get the cookbook back, and then, Kelly’s dad comes home. Kelly had broken a knob that should have gone on one of the burners, and her dad finds out. Kelly apologizes later and the spell breaks. RJ goes to Mama P’s and tells Jake he needs to tell the girls something. Jake calls them, and tells the girls to come to Mama P’s immediately. They get to Mama P’s only to have RJ forget about what he was saying. Kelly and the girls figure out someone must have cursed him. Kelly says to them that there is someone else in Saffron Falls who knows magic.

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