Just Add Karma is the eighth episode of Season 3. It premiered on February 1st, 2019 on Amazon Video.


Darbie attempts to solve Hannah's problems by cooking a karma spell, while Mama P has a revelation on her extended vacation. In the end, Hannah discovers she can handle her issues at school without the use of magic at all.


Worried about Hannah getting bullied by Leah all the time, Darbie cooks a karma spell so that whenever Leah does something mean to Hannah, the same thing happens to her as well. Hannah and Ms. Silvers become suspicious and confront Darbie about it. Darbie explains that she was watching out for Hannah since Leah made Hannah cry. Darbie and Silvers help Hannah realize that she can always come to them. Meanwhile, the Night Bandit tries to replicate the Morbium but it doesn't work. She goes back to Mama P. who clarifies that the spell needs to be cooked by all three protectors. When the Night Bandit says that she will make "the others" cook with her, Mama P. figures out that the Night Bandit is in fact, Kelly. Ousted, Kelly explains that she is doing it to keep the book from the wrong hands. She decides to trick Hannah and Darbie into cooking the spell to keep the book forever by lying to them that it would unmask the Night Bandit.


Recurring cast


  • Giovanni Goree as Distracted Student
  • Taylor Kimberly as Riley
  • Jessica Boyd as Sonia

Recipes cooked

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