Just Add Magic: Mystery City is a spin-off series of Just Add Magic with Zoe, her step-brother Leo, and his friend Ish being the new protectors. They will navigate through the big city in order to find a magical ingredient. Then hannah darbie and kelly gave zoe leo and ish a seed so they can grow their own magical garden. Zoe"s dad is also a protector cause zoe open the box that they carried but zoe leo and ish mess a spell cooking pick it up pancakes so in the book they created their own spell flip flop flapjacks but the spell is opposite they cant stop picking things out. So leo and zoe found a picture of zoe and his dad eating a milky mac n"cheese until the book flipped and saw cheer em up mac n cheese that is the same writng as on the back of the picture.then lets go see the recipes they cooked also mozzarelea statis sticks and masshe banana memory. at the end they are seen sharing the magic

Ddespite many of the rumors that the show wouldn't return for second season it has officially been confirmed that the show will indeed return despite the ending of the first season this has come to a shock to many fans also it will likely premier in 2021 but maybe be the first season to ever not come Out in January of next year because of the virus.

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