Curse Breaking Candied Stone Fruit[edit | edit source]

Curse Breaking Candied Stone Fruit is an recipie in the cookbook. When Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie visited the Traveler in Season One, she said, "I can show you the Recipie to save your grandma, but I must warn you, it will come with a big price". Kelly made this with pluots because Saffron Falls, the heart of pluots is where she lived. Mama P. told her that if she made a bunch, and sold them to everyone in the town at the 50th Annual Pluot Festival, the whole town would have one small curse instead of her having one big one. The riddle was in a flap under a black tree saying, "A high price you're safe to pay, but candied stone fruit can save the day, and break every curse that's in your way. The price you pay will reflect the curse, leaving things vastly worse. The first bite you must take for your curse to break, when the last bite you've eaten, your curse will be beaten,". The recipie calls for:  5 stone fruit, 2 tablespoons Cedronian refined sugar, 10 Merwaldian candied cherries, Lapsus agave nectar. Directions:  Cut fruit in half and remove the pits. Blanch by submerging into boiling water for 3 minutes then into ice water. Combine the nectar and the sugar. Pour mix into cupcake cups and put fruit on.

Affects[edit | edit source]

Mama P. secretly ate the first one and then gave one to Kelly to take home to her grandmother to "break the curse". All Mama P. had to do now was eat the last one and the curse would be broken. After they were at a very low number, each of them pocketed a candied stone fruit. Kelly thanked Mama P. but would regret it. Darbie, Jake, and Hannah had made protection shakes because they knew something was going to happen. Because of what she had saw, Mrs. Silvers made one too. The other three had made four but when they tried to give one to Kelly, she destroyed it by whipping it into the air and smashing it. Jake sacrificed his own shake for Kelly after Hannah and Darbie convinced her to drink it. She had given her grandma the "last one of the candied stone fruit" already, so she drank it and Mrs. Silvers dranks hers too. The whole town was frozen execpt for those four. Mama P. stole Jake's bike and ran away with it to Lavender Heights. The three girls made the Last Ditch Layer Cake(their own recipie) and then saved the town.



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