Mama P: Jake i’m off to make a delivery and is a special one now I want you to make sure that the cafe is still clean

Jake: ok Mama P got it

Chuck: Rose this is a good place

Darbie: sorry to bother Jake but chuck asked me to watch Rose for the afternoon

Chuck: now I will be back soon as possible

Mrs Silvers: Hey Where’s Ida?

Jake: oh she’s out making a delivery

Mrs Silvers: ok so what’s Darbie doing here

jake: oh she’s watChing rose speaking of where is she

Darbie: look out she has the marshmallow blaster!

Mrs Silvers: great we are both stuck

Chuck: ROSE!!!

Jake: sorry

Chuck: it’s ok I got her

Rose: Try again

Jake: WHA?!

Chuck: SORRY!!!!

Mama P: Jake what marshmallows are on the wall how did this happen

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