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The Manual of Style is a style guide for all users to follow for any Just Add Magic Wiki articles or documents. It establishes guidelines to produce articles with consistent, clear, and precise language across the Wiki. All pages must follow this format or it may be deleted without warning.

Writing style

  • Articles should be written in American English only. British spelling or grammar rules are not used here, as this is an English wiki (e.g. "color" not "colour").
  • Articles should be written in present tense, not past or future tense. The only exception to this rule is when referring to something in-universe that happened in the past (e.g. a character who passed away).
  • Articles should be written in third person and in-universe style and not refer to the reader or viewer when talking about events (e.g. do not write "I", "you", or "me" unless quoting a character).

Common errors

  • Do not list an episode without quotation marks around it (unless it is an article title).
  • Do not list a show, movie, or book without italicizing the title.
  • Do not use more than one question mark or exclamation point in a row.
  • Do not write words or phrases in all caps to denote shouting, an exclamation point at the end will suffice.

Article titles, sections, and headings

  • Use "sentence case" or "sentence-style": The initial letter of a title is capitalized; otherwise, capital letters are used only where they would be used in a normal sentence (e.g. Kelly's house, not Kelly's House).
  • Use the singular form: Article titles should be singular (e.g. Protector, not Protectors).
  • Use full names without titles for characters: Articles about characters should avoid the title or rank, unless the character is known only by the title (e.g. Rebecca Quinn, not Grandma Quinn).
  • Use parentheses to distinguish similar articles: (e.g. Just Add Magic (episode)).

Article sections

  • Headings should not include links.
  • Headings should not include images.

Article structure


All recipe pages should generally follow the same structure unless the information is unknown.

  1. Introduction - The recipe infobox should be used in the very beginning of the article. Restate the name of the recipe in bold, include who cooked it, what episode it was cooked in, and what its purpose in the episode was. If the recipe appears in multiple episodes, state all the episodes it appears. in. Do not label this section with a heading.
  2. Ingredients - List all the ingredients as shown in the Cookbook. Use the bulleted format and list all measurements before the ingredient. Only the first word of the ingredient if it's not a number should be capitalized. Names of magical elements should be capitalized, but not the entire name of the spice, just the family it belongs to. Do not abbreviate measurements, even if they are abbreviated in the Cookbook. For measurements that are fractions, use symbols (e.g. ¼, not 1/4). The following is an example of what would be considered correct.
    • 1 tablespoon Lapsus sugar
    • Diced onion
    • ½ teaspoon salt
  3. Directions - List all the directions shown in the book with the numbering format. If the directions aren't shown in words, do not make up directions based on what was shown on-screen. Only add a section for directions if they are seen in writing.
  4. Riddle - Use the template for riddles and write it exactly as seen in the book, using line breaks when appropriate.
  5. Trivia - List any fun facts about the recipe that is not common knowledge. Must be canon to either of the shows. Do not make up any facts.
  6. See also - Link any similar articles or videos to the recipe. Videos must be made by the official Prime YouTube channel to post on the Wiki.


All character pages must follow the same format as well.

  1. Introduction - The character infobox should also be used in the very beginning of the article. Restate the character name and any nicknames or aliases commonly used in bold. Briefly explain their role in the show, as well as who they are portrayed by. Again, do not label this first section with a heading. Keep it short. (e.g. Rebecca "Becky" Quinn is one of the main characters in Just Add Magic.)
  2. Appearance - Explain what the character looks like. You may include hair color, eye color, skin tone, height, and clothing style.
  3. Personality - Explain the character's main traits, behavior, and how they act around others.
  4. History - Usually the longest section on a character's page. Chronologically discuss how the character developed over the course of the show, including important events, relationships formed, and important actions. If applicable, start from the youngest age they were seen in the show up to their latest appearance.
  5. Relationships - List and describe the character's important relationships. Start from their closest relationships (e.g. sibling, best friend, significant other). It is not needed to list their relationship with every minor character, only characters they have an established bond with.
  6. Gallery - Include any photos of the character that are not already on the page.
  7. Trivia


  1. Introduction - Add the applicable infobox before the opening paragraph.
  2. Appearance - Only include this section if the location is a physical establishment, such as Mama P's café. Do not use this for a town or a city such as Lavender Heights.
  3. Places of note - Only use this for towns or cities. Include important locations within them in bulleted format, but keep the list brief.
  4. History
  5. Gallery
  6. Trivia


These formats do not have to be strictly followed if other sections are needed in between. For example, Mama P's has a section for the menu after the history section. However, all articles need an introduction in the beginning and close with a gallery or trivia if applicable.

Capital letters

  • Unnecessary capitalization should be avoided. For example, use "Darbie's dad", not "Darbie's Dad".
  • Capitalization is reserved for proper nouns only. This includes names of characters and titles of recipes.


  • In generic use, apply lower case for words such as grandma or grandpa (e.g. Becky is Kelly's grandma).
  • In parts of a person's title, begin such words with a capital letter (e.g. Grandma Quinn, not grandma Quinn). Standard or commonly used names of an office are treated as proper nouns (e.g. Mayor Quinn not mayor Quinn).



Use the straight (typewriter) apostrophe (') when needed, such as in contractions.

Quotation marks

  • When the title of an article appearing in the introductory paragraph requires quotation marks (for example, the title of a song or poem), the quotation marks should not be in boldface, as they are not part of the title (e.g. "Just Add Brains" is the second episode).
  • Use double quotation marks. Enclose all quotes with double quotation marks. (e.g. "I believe in our cake. I believe in us.")

Place all punctuation marks inside the quotation marks if they are part of the quoted material and outside if they are not.


Formal use of language is mandatory on all canon Wiki articles (e.g. "Kelly is a very patient and meticulous cook when it comes to magical recipes." not "Kelly is an awesome cook.").

Avoid contractions if possible (e.g. "do not" instead of "don't").


  • All images should be screenshots directly from the shows or official material from Amazon. No photoshopped or stock photos are allowed.
  • Images must be of highest quality possible. Do not upload blurry images.


Links may be inserted by surrounding the words with brackets (e.g. [[Saffron Falls]]).

  • Links should only be added where they are relevant and helpful in the context. Do not clutter paragraphs with links.
  • Do not add external links without permission.

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