"Just Add Meddling" is the tenth episode of Season Two. It premiered January 12, 2017 on Amazon Video.


Kelly finds herself using magic to solve every problem, big or small, forcing Hannah and Darbie to hide the book from her. Meanwhile, Chuck finds a new way into the girls' lives through Jake.


The episode starts out with Chuck. He's in his trailer, and he's furious that the cookbook burned. Swiping all the pans and plates off his counter, ripping papers taped to the walls. Throwing chairs, when the scene fades to the OC's cooking Pluot Macarons, Ida's Curse, but Lavender Heights style. After the music is finished playing, Chuck wakes up and gets out of the trailer, only to see an unfamiliar land. Lavender Heights. He runs into the OC's and they tell him that they cooked Go Away Gumbo and Rhubarb Macarons, (I'm guessing, because on the sign it literally says Rhubarb Capital of the world.) Chuck attempts to run back into Saffron Falls, but a powerful wind blows him back. As the OC's walk back to Lavender Heights, Chuck, in a rage, slams the door to his trailer and shuts himself in to create a plan to leave.

The short intro plays, and the OC's and the regular trio meet up at Ms. Silver's house. They speak about how trapping Chuck in Lavender Heights could've helped them. Ms. Silver's says that "That Morbium is like a brick of gold in the middle of the ocean. It's valuable but he can't use it to escape." Darbie has to leave early, and explains that she's sad that her dad is so busy, and she wishes that he could be less busy. Kelly's clearly upset with her Grandma but she doesn't want to say it.

Kelly goes home and is seen flipping through the cookbook to find the perfect recipe. Grandma Becky sees her and tells her that she can't depend on the magic for everything.

The next clip, Chuck is seen eating something in front of Jake, who delivers the Jakewiches from Saffron Falls. The spell allows Chuck to go into Jake's body.

Kelly is seen flipping through the book as if a test is coming up. Hannah suggests that they should take a break and Kelly surprisingly agrees. Hannah thinks that's strange but continues. Kelly offers Mr. O'Brien a magical brownie bite disguised as a regular brownie. Hannah suspects that Kelly has something to do with this as they decide to have fun.

Jake comes in two hours late. Mama P is especially happy, and explains that the plan worked. The scene moves to Darbie and her dad. They are in the middle of the theater and no one else is there.

There's a small clip of the two parties, Kelly and Hannah, and Darbie and her dad. There's a small clip where Hannah notices that Kelly's very agreeable. She brushes this off again and plans to have fun disclosing. Hannah and Kelly go to the attic to find pure disco. Mr. Quinn is looking around, right next to the slightly cracked playhouse that has the spices in them. Hannah notices that all the spices are drained, and that they've been used up.

Darbie and her father walk into Mama P's. At first it's filled and then it suddenly drains of people. Darbie realizes that Kelly put a spell down to let them have fun together. Kelly and Hannah talk about how wrong using so many spells can do, but Kelly doesn't understand how that can be wrong.

7:30 arrives and Darbie's dad realizes that it's too late to bring Amy to the play that he told her he would bring her to. Darbie gets mad at Kelly for spelling her father, and they cook late at night to make a birthday cake for Amy. In the morning, Darbie surprises Amy with the birthday cake and gives Amy a signed copy of Doomed: Race to Antarctica.

Becky rushes to Ms. Silver's house and Hannah and Darbie tell them that it's about Kelly when Becky asks where Kelly is. The scene moves to Mama P, who's apologizing to Jake for celebrating Chuck getting trapped in Lavender Heights. Mama P briefly tells Jake that her father got fired from his job because of Chuck. Jake goes into the secret pantry after Mama P leaves, and through the mirror, the audience realizes that Jake, is actually Chuck.


Guest Starring


  • Hash Patel as Manager

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