Just Add Mom is the fourth episode of Season One. It premiered January 15th, 2015 on Amazon Video.

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The Girls attempt to get Mama P to disclose the mysteries of the past by baking her a Bitter Truth Truffle, but their plans are foiled when Terri accidentally eats one of them. Kelly is forced to spend the day with her mom to cover for her excessive honesty. Meanwhile, Hannah and Darbie butt heads while searching for a way to break Terri's spell.

Plot Edit

It opens with a flashback to six months ago. Becky Quinn visits Gina Silvers, who is angry Becky didn't help her 40 years ago. Becky shows her the Cookbook and Gina is surprised. Becky asks for a few things from Gina's garden, and when Gina refuses, says it's not for her.

Back in the present day, Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie are watching a soap opera. They hear a sound from the attic, and Terri, Scott, and Kelly go upstairs to find Becky searching for something in some boxes. Scott takes her downstairs and Kelly goes over to the boxes. Terri expresses her confusion, while Kelly agrees.

Later, the girls look around the attic too. They find a box Becky was searching through labeled 'Taxes', but instead it contains a jacket, a photograph of a male teenager, and a box with the same logo as the cookbook.

Suddenly, there's a flashback to four months ago. Becky is holding the box. Gina tells her that everything she asked for is in there, and reminds her that she's only doing this for her granddaughter. Becky promises to keep the box safe, and destroy the contents when she's done.


The spices in the box

Back to the present, the girls open the box. It contains Galifrazian cinnamon, Carneijian cayenne, Elysian sugar, Galifrazian ginger, and Werpoes salt. They realize that they're magical spices.

The girls fetch the cookbook and go through the recipes. They find Bitter Truth Truffles, which forces the eater to tell the truth. They decide to use it on Mama P, so they can get answers to their questions.

When they finish making the truffles, Terri comes in. After discussing plans with the girls, she eats a truffle.

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  • Aimee Shyn as Pam
  • Emil Beheshti as Mr. Stitt

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