"Just Add New Protectors" is the final episode of Season 3. It premiered on October 25th, 2019.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The magic cookbook has moved onto some new protectors in bay city. Kelly, Hannah and Darbie must help the new trio understand magic in order to keep a wedding from being cancelled. Ish and Leo are introduced as new protectors that have been friends in the past, but have since grown apart.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Zoe sends the cookbook back to Kelly. Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie use Teleporting Tamales to get to Bay City. They try to convince her but she doesn’t believe them. Her mom was getting married that night, but when she cooked Make-it hot dogs, the weather warms up but people start acting mean. Zoe rounds up Leo and Ish to make the counter spell. When they cure it with Gazpa Chill Soup, they all act nice again, but there is still a mystery.

The cookbook has moved on to new protectors - Zoe, Erin's daughter finds it while unpacking after moving to Bay City. Since she had seen the book with Kelly, she mails it back to her. Kelly, Hannah and Darbie take a trip to Bay City to help Zoe realize that she's the new protector and what that means. Zoe doesn't believe them, but when a snowstorm threatens to ruin her mother's wedding, she gives the book a try. She cooks a spell to heat up the weather but it also heats up everyone's emotions, causing people to fight for no reason. She teams up with her new stepbrother, Leo and their neighbor, Ish to cook a counterspell. Zoe, Ish and Leo become the new protectors of the book. Kelly, Hannah and Darbie teach them about magic; explain that certain spells have downsides. They also give them notes and charts about spice families.

Recipes cooked[edit | edit source]

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