"Just Add Opposites" is the first episode of the spin-off series Just Add Magic: Mystery City. It premiered on January 17th, 2020.


Three new protectors have the book in Bay City. The first thing Zoe, Ish and Leo learn is that the magic doesn't always work like you want it to.                                                                   


As Zoe, Ish and Leo realise that they have the magical spices, but not enough money to buy the regular ingredients. After losing some money, Erin gives them a job and agrees to pay them if they complete it. As the boxes were too heavy, they made Pick It Up Pancakes, but due to lack of teamwork, they accidentally created Flip Flop Flapjacks, which made them do the oppposite of what everyone wanted them to do. At first, they had trouble but later, figured it out, thanks to Ish's grandmother, who had come to stay there.


Guest starring


  • Paull Walia as Deepak
  • Mike Quirk as Caricature Man
  • Justin Claiborne as Math Kid
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