Just Add Perspective is the seventh episode of Season 3. It premiered on February 1st, 2019 on Amazon Video.


Now that they know who the Night Bandit is, the friends cook a spell that lets them see through the villain's eyes. Things get complicated when Darbie peers through Hannah's eyes and sees that something is troubling her at school.


Erin cooks a spell to retrieve the morbium seed from Chuck's pie tin. With Jake's help, Kelly, Hannah, Darbie and Piper sneak into the coffeeshop to look for the pie tin but can't find it. To figure out what Erin is doing with the pie tin, the girls cook a POV popcorn spell to see from Erin's perspective. Surprisingly, Erin brings the pie tin to the Quinn's house. Hannah uses the spell to spy on Leah who has been cyberbullying her. Leah invites Hannah to join her but intentionally texts her the wrong address. Piper and Darbie use the popcorn on Hannah only to find her crying. They try to get Hannah to open up but the bullying but she doesn't. After seeing all the magical spices in Kelly's trailer, Becky becomes worried about what Kelly is up to. Later, while looking at Springtown's security camera footage, Jake and the girls discover that the Night Bandit is in fact someone else pretending to be Erin.


Recurring cast

  • Laya DeLeon Hayes as Piper
  • Tess Paras as Erin
  • Jessica Belkin as Leah

Recipes cooked

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