Just Add Plants is the second episode of Season 3. It premiered on February 1st, 2019 on Amazon Video.


Magical plants are sprouting up all over Saffron Falls and people across town are being spelled by things growing in their own garden. Could this be the downside of bringing the garden back to life?


Weeds begin growing all over town. Ida has sold Mama P's and cannot be found. Jake is disappointed with his new work environment: Corporate rock required to be played in the facility, pre-made food delivered each morning instead of being prepared fresh in the kitchen. The girls notice strange things happening -- and that everyone impacted had a smoothie from a food cart in the park, Andy's Organic. Mayor Terri has been given gifts from companies all over town. She is given a free smoothie, then the owner asks her for a favor with acquiring permits. She expresses that "the mayor does not accept bribes," pays for the drink, and leaves. The girls arrive at the organic food cart and the owner seems confused by their accusations of using magic. They leave, without figuring out what's going on. The girls discover a weed growing in Andy's garden, then notice that everyone's yards and gardens on the street also have magical plants growing in them. They collect as many weeds as they can, then try to un-spell everyone who was spelled, the day before. Later in the afternoon, they notice magic plants and weeds growing all over the entire neighborhood, growing at an alarming rate. They cook up a spell to eradicate the plants. The girls go back to their harvest and notice that the night-blooming mint has gone missing, presumably stolen.


Recurring Cast


  • Andy Goldenberg as Andy
  • Amielynn Abellera as Teacher
  • Hardy Awadije as Customer
  • Christopher Chen as Mailman Gary

Recipes cooked

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