"Just Add Pluots", Part 1 is the twelfth episode of season one. It premiered January 15th, 2015 on Amazon Video.

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Kelly has finally found a recipe that will save Grandma; before Kelly can cook it, she's grounded; Darbie must eat "Walk-In-My-Shoes Schnitzel" to impersonate her at home.

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After finding a recipe that can help her grandma, Kelly goes to Mama P to tell her about it. She, Kelly, and Jake agree to make the recipe using pluots as the fruit, and they also think about selling them at the Pluot Festival. Kelly think it isn’t a good idea, but Mama P then tells her that her grandma can have the first and last candied pluot. Meanwhile, Darbie and Hannah make Walk-In-My-Shoes Schnitzel and Darbie pretends to be Kelly, while Kelly is at Mama P’s. But “Kelly” gets grounded and her parents tell her she can’t cook while she’s grounded. Later in the episode, when Kelly is about to leave, Mama P gives Kelly a candied pluot and tells her to give it to her grandma. Kelly comes back from Mama P’s, and Darbie goes to Mama P’s. When Darbie tries to get into the spice cabinet, Mama P sees her and Darbie says her name 3 times in a row, which breaks the spell. Mama P eats a candied pluot before Kelly’s grandma does, and Darbie realizes she is doing this to break her curse and not Grandma’s. Mama P throws Darbie in the spice cabinet and locks the door.

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