Just Add Rot is the fifth episode of Season 3. It premiered on February 1st, 2019 on Amazon Video.


An unknown villain puts a spell on the three girls, making any food they touch turn to rot in their hands. This means they can't cook a counterspell themselves and have to turn to an unlikely source for help.


A fresh apple and banana that Kelly touches instantly become moldy. Hannah and Darbie arrive at Kelly's house, with moldy food in their hands, too. It impacts food through oven mitts and even through forks. With the help of Piper, the girls cook up a recipe that gives Gina back her memory of magic. They dig through Gina's trash and Piper finds Gina's notebook for pollinating spices. Becky and Mayor Terri go to Chuck's cellar to help survey the movement of the artifacts to the museum. There, the team discovers modern-day shoe-prints. Becky find an earring in the dirt and discovers that it belongs to Kelly. She is disappointed in her granddaughter. She confronts her, saying that if this type of behavior continues, she will tell her parents about her disobedience, and gives the earring back. Scott is upset with Kelly for not cleaning up the kitchen earlier in the day and grounds her. The girls bake pretzels that help them track a thief with Piper. Kelly's grounded for the night because she didn't clean up. Piper realizes after they start looking that even though the pretzels might find a thief doesn't mean it's their thief. They find out that Erin is the bad guy, and the episode ends there.


Recurring cast

  • Laya DeLeon Hayes as Piper
  • Tess Paras as Erin


  • Howard Chan as Supervisor

Recipes cooked

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