Just Add Spices is the final episode of Season 2. It premiered on January 18th, 2018.


When the magical cookbook opens up to a map, the three protectors must go on individual quests to save magic from disappearing forever It is revealed in the previous episode that Jill is Caroline.

They soon figure out the trigger word which makes everyone forget magic, and they go to Mama P's for spices in order to cook a recipe to stop Caroline. They are shocked to see that Caroline has already destroyed Mama P's spices, and when they get back to the trailer, they find out that Caroline has destroyed their spices too. While stuck in the hopeless situation, Hannah comes up with an idea to cook a I Can Recall Caramel Glazed Chicken with the spices they have so they will remember magic. The book then mysteriously flips open to a map with three destinations. They split up and go to each destination to be tested by their character.

Meanwhile Mama P, Becky, and Gina hatch a plan to make Adam Lever lose the election. When the trio come back, the cookbook shows them the final location. They go there to find a spice garden. Suddenly, Caroline appears and destroys the spice garden. She also spells them, but the three girls trick her by pretending to forget magic. It turns out that the I Can Recall Caramel Glazed Chicken worked, and they were able to remember magic. When they go back to Kelly's house, they are cheerful to see that Terri Quinn has won the election, and is the next mayor of Saffron Falls. When the girls go back to the trailer, Kelly is disappointed because all the spices have been destroyed. Hannah then reminds them about the vanilla bean she found in the box, and they make Come Back Kombucha Tea. They save the spice garden, but they remember that the recipe includes Cedronian vanilla, which means that they must pay a price. The book flashes vibrantly, and the credits roll in.


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