Just Add Time is the fourth episode of Season 2 Part 2. It premiered on January 18th, 2018.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In order to learn more about RJ and find the other former protectors, the three girls do some investigating using a spell that speeds up time.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode starts with a masked figure wearing black, who we later learn to be Noelle Jasper. Noelle sneaks into RJ's apartment at night and searches for the spices. As Noelle is leaving, the door bumps into a bag that has glass bottles by the clink of glass that was heard when Noelle opened the door. 

After the short intro plays, it cuts to Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie in Kelly's room who are concerned about how RJ suddenly lost his memory of magic midsentence. Kelly's dad calls out to her and she calls back, telling him that she'll be there in a second. After that, he calls again, and she turns but doesn't reply and continues to speak to Hannah and Darbie. Kelly's dad opens the door and tells them that he has a surprise for them. They sneakily put the cookbook in the drawer in Kelly's desk and walk downstairs. Kelly's dad reveals to them Chuck's old trailer. Their reaction confuses Mr. Quinn until Grandma Becky comes out of the trailer and tells them that they can redecorate. The girls start to talk about some of their ideas of decorating when it cuts to a scene of Jake at Mama P's.

Jake gets the mail like he always does and almost opens a package which he thinks is the new menu while walking to the office in the back. Mama P tells him that it's personal and it's for her, so he apologizes and exits, turning and looking suspiciously at her. 

The scene fades into Kelly, Hannah and Darbie at Lavendar Heights High School Library, where a librarian briefly checks a book out for a student and the trio is seen walking down an aisle in the library. They talk about how RJ was there and start looking through old yearbooks. When they do, they find out that 1996 was RJ's "year of awesome" as he was Quarterback of the football team, Class President, and Homecoming King.

The scene cuts back to Mama P who carefully opens the mail and pockets a paycheck into her bag.

And it cuts back to the trio again, where they complain that it's hopeless because RJ's always in a class of student, or he's by himself. Suddenly, Hannah notices a picture of RJ and someone else who looks pretty familiar... It's a girl who has straight hair, its short but curled at the end. She notices that the picture's part of the show that's called Good Morning Lavender Heights. They decide that they need to find more episodes of the show. The librarian gives it to them, but they think it's also almost hopeless when they see how many tapes there are.

They borrow the VCR from Ms. Silvers and ask Mr. Quinn to help them hook it up in the trailer. They notice a fly and swat it away for the moment. Once they've hooked it up, they start to watch episodes of Good Morning Lavender Heights. Once they see how long they take they start watching on fast forward. They notice the familiar girl again, but they can't see her face. So they watch tapes and realize how slow it is.

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