Just Add Time Travel is the first episode of Season 3. It premiered February 1st, 2019 on Amazon Video.


After re-growing the magical garden, Kelly's Grandma appears but from 1975! Young Becky has cooked a recipe that inadvertently alters the course of history and everything is turning topsy-turvy. Now Kelly, Hannah and Darbie have to travel back in time to 1975 to set things straight.


Grandma Becky, circa 1975, arrives in the girls' kitchen, after eating "A Guac Through Time." She talks to Ida (Mama P) and asks the girls why she is pretending not to know magic. The girls tell her about how she used her morbium to remove the magical ties amongst the OC's when they began cursing each other. 1975 Becky is furious at herself and when she sees Grandma Becky come outside, the two walk toward each other and both disappear, as does their trailer. The girls go inside and find that their entire timeline has been altered -- Grandma Becky having disappeared when Kelly's dad, Scott, was a child. While out for a walk, Kelly discovers stone statues, all looking frightened. She sees a stone statue of Jake and rushes to Mama P's to talk to Ida. Gina Silvers has apparently been turning people into stone using her Marble cake because she accidentally got cursed to become evil while trying to free Becky after Chuck trapped her in the cookbook. The girls make the Guac Through Time and arrive in 1975, in search of 1975 Becky in attempts to fix the timeline.Becky then Eats Forget The Day Apricot Bars for her to Forget the Whole day so she won't know the future.


Recurring cast

Guest starring

  • Sara Hogrefe as Young Becky
  • Alexandra Ruddy as Young Ms. Silvers
  • Charlotte Mary Wen as Young Mama P

Recipes cooked

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