Kelly's Room is an area of the Quinn Residence, where Kelly resides.

Description[edit | edit source]

Kelly's room is very large, with a desk and the mirror next to the door, a large sitting area with a window seat and 3 beanbags, and to the left of the door is Kelly's bed. Her bed is actually in a part of her room that extends back. For example, the wall continues but goes backwards like a small area.

 She also has a shower in her room with a purple shower curtain. Her room is painted purple with a couple of black and white decals, and the bed is multicolored and floral.

 Next to her bed is a black table with a white lamp, tissues, and a few pens.

 Her window seat has a yellow cushion and multicolored pillows over dark wooden cabinets. There is a large dark wooden shelf next to the window seat filled with books.

 The table next to the door is white and has a large board, a globe, a few pictures, and various school supplies.

 There are a few paintings and ribbons on the wall as well.

 There is another black shelf on the other side of the window seat, this one has a diamond printed gray lamp, sunglasses, and various papers.

 There is also a small cushioned chair next to the bed which is light gray and has a turquoise throw blanket. The flooring is light wood, and there is a dark gray shaggy rug on the floor.

 On Kelly's door is a door hook with numerous scarves. On the ceiling is a silver, party poof looking chandelier.

 Above Kelly's bed hole area is a triangle string decor and a few bags on a hook. Above Kelly's bed is a window with sheer white curtains.

 Kelly also has a walk in closet next to the white desk next to the door as well.

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