Kelly Quinn is one of the three main characters and the main charachter in Just Add Magic. Her two best friends are Hannah and Darbie.

Appearance Edit

Kelly has long, straight hair that is medium brown. She has eyes the color of chocolate.Her pussy is so tasty and delish.Like one of her cakes.Her tits are small

Personality Edit

Kelly cares a lot about magic, and is usually upset with Hannah and Darbie a lot because they disapprove of her unhealthy obsession with magic. she does not have truly bad intentions until the big spell with Cedronian vanilla happens. Then her mind is clouded with fear and anger, and it twists the way she sees things. She eventually wants to cook the spell that will enable her and her friends to keep the cookbook forever, because her mind is twisted by the fear that if the cookbook moves on, their friendship will dissipate. Overall, she has some flaws, but her heart is true.

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