Kelly Quinn is one of the three main characters and the main protagonist in Just Add Magic.


Kelly has straight long brown hair, which she usually wears down. She has olive skin, rosy cheeks, and dark brown eyes. Her wardrobe usually consists of casual flowy tops, button-ups and solid color t-shirts. She usually wears t-shirts or knee-length shorts or skirts and is sometimes seen in jeans on a rare occasion. Her hair is pinned back on one side in almost every episode, either by a french braid, or by a simple twist. She usually wears 2 or 3 colored bobby pins. On one occasion, she wears a ponytail. Kelly's hair was curled in the Season 1 Pilot and was a light chestnut color but in more recent episodes is a long, straight dark brown. She never paints her nails as they are always kept short and clean.


Kelly is always willing to help out others, especially her friends and her grandmother. She especially cares for her grandmother, and does everything she can to save her in Season 1.She is very strong-willed (like Darbie at one point, but it was just a spell) and doesn't let anything get to her head. She can be pretty naive at times and doesn't believe in things that she knows aren't true. She also is very sensitive and is very gullible, especially in Season 1 when she thinks that Hannah betrays her and instead gets tricked into working with Mama P. She can be a little selfish. Kelly can be bossy but has great ideas. She is passionate about what she cares about. She cooks many recipes and is obsessed to her cookbook. One of Kelly's main traits is to always do things on her own and not wait for other people. She soon realizes this trait in Just Add Gumdrops. However, when she is under the influence of the magic spice garden's poison, she wants to be the cookbook's protector forever, thinking that without it, she won't be friends with Hannah and Darbie anymore. She conspires with Mama P, disguised as Erin Chua, the new owner of Mama P's (now called Springtown Coffee,) but it was just a spell, and Hannah and Darbie manage to break it.


  • Two of her fears are snakes and losing the cookbook (the magic cookbook).  
  • She has known Darbie and Hannah since kindergarten. 
  • One of her fears is that her friendship with Hannah and Darbie depends on magic. 
  • Kelly and her friends have a spice named after them (Parquinnien). The name of the spice is a combination of their last names. 
  • Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah are super close as friends, and that’s is why the spice they created (Parquinnien) is named after them. Parquinnien is the bonding/friendship spice. 
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