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Kelly Quinn is one of the three main characters and the main protagonist in Season 1 and Season 2, the hidden main antagonist of Season 3, due to her being poisoned by the spice garden's re-birth and the tritagonist of Mystery City Season 1. She has two best friends: Hannah Parker-Kent and Darbie O'Brien, whom are former protectors along with her.


Kelly has straight long brown hair, which she usually wears down. She has olive skin, rosy cheeks, and dark brown eyes. Her wardrobe usually consists of casual flowy tops, button-ups and solid color t-shirts. She usually wears t-shirts or knee-length shorts or skirts and is sometimes seen in jeans on a rare occasion. Her hair is pinned back on one side in almost every episode, either by a french braid, or by a simple twist. She usually wears 2 or 3 colored bobby pins in her hair. Ocasionally, she wears a ponytail. Kelly's hair was curled in the Season 1 Pilot and was a light chestnut color but in more recent episodes is a long, straight dark brown. She never paints her nails as they are always kept short and clean.


Kelly is always willing to help out others, especially her friends and her grandmother. She especially cares for her grandmother, and does everything she can to save her in Season 1.She is very strong-willed (like Darbie at one point, but it was just a spell) and doesn't let anything get to her head. She can be pretty naive at times and doesn't believe in things that she knows aren't true. She also is very sensitive and is very gullible, especially in Season 1 when she thinks that Hannah betrays her and instead gets tricked into working with Mama P. She can be a little selfish. Kelly can be bossy but has great ideas. She is passionate about what she cares about. She cooks many recipes and is obsessed to her cookbook. One of Kelly's main traits is to always do things on her own and not wait for other people. She soon realizes this trait in Just Add Gumdrops. However, when she is under the influence of the magic spice garden's poison, she wants to be the cookbook's protector forever, thinking that without it, she won't be friends with Hannah and Darbie anymore. She conspires with Mama P, disguised as Erin Chua, the new owner of Mama P's (now called Springtown Coffee), but it was just a spell, and Hannah and Darbie manage to break it.


Early Life

Kelly met Darbie and Hannah in kindergarten. The three of them were at Mama P's. Darbie was taking her food back to her table while walking backwards when she accidentally bumped into Kelly. Kelly helped Darbie clean up. Hannah appeared with an extra shirt to replace the one Darbie had spilled food on. They instantly clicked and became inseparable. Later on they forget their friendship, so Jake helped them reenact this moment to get their memories back.

Meeting the Cookbook

Season 1

While in seventh grade, Kelly, Hannah and Darbie find a magical cookbook in Kelly's attic. They are unaware that it is magical at first, and cook Shut 'Em Up Shortcake without knowing that it will literally shut up whoever eats it. Darbie puts in the Cedronian vanilla, so she suffers the downside of not being able to stop talking. This is fixed by Kelly. She assissted Kelly in her quest to bring her grandmother back. They go on a hike while spelled by the Off-The-Trail Mix. Darbie witnesses as Hannah sits down to take a break, and could not get back up until she removed her backpack. Darbie also faced her fear when she was left alone, showing that she values friendship and loyalty. When they came back for Hannah's backpack and Darbie, the trail led them back to the campsite, leaving Kelly in tears as she faces her own fear: not being able to save her grandmother. However, Darbie, Hannah, Kelly's father, Hannah's father, and Darbie's father help cheer her up a little by playing football: children against dads. Darbie stayed loyal to Kelly when she wanted to cook the Curse-breaking Candied Stone Fruit to help relieve her grandmother of her ailment with Mama P, despite Hannah's objections about both the fact that Mama P was plotting something and that it wasn't safe to do so, and the fact that Kelly was grounded. However, Darbie leans towards Hannah's side when they Mama P's plan. Then, Darbie with Kelly and Hannah cook Last-Ditch Layer Cake to break Mama P's spell on the entire town, unfortunately, breaking Charles Peizer's curse as well. Throughout the first season, Darbie is instrumental in figuring things out about the book and the secrets behind it.

Season 2

Kelly and her friends face a very challenging antagonist, the mysterious Charles Peizer, who goes by the alias Chuck Hankins. The trio tries to convince him to trust them, but eventually, he got his memories back and knew exactly what he was hunting for. Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie witnessed their recipes missing after they cooked them, and they immediately suspected Chuck, or rather Charles. When the girls found a counter in their cookbook, it led them to Charles's trailer. Kelly and Darbie came back in a few days, under the spell of Big Mussels and Spinach. Kelly was physically strong, while Darbie was determined. Kelly opened the door not knowing there was a spell that would trap her inside while she was stealing Chuck's cookbook. Darbie opened the door and freed Kelly. Now that they had his cookbook, they saw a victorian drawing of a girl, Rose, who was Chuck's sister who he had very accidentally trapped inside the cookbook. The OCs had trapped Chuck in Lavender Heights after moving him and his trailer there, giving the trio some time to figure the mystery out. In the excitement, Jake Williams, a friend of them, had his body taken over by Chuck, and when the trio got him out, he went on to put Hannah into the cookbook to swap her out for Rose.

Season 3

Then, the trio meets RJ White in Just Add RJ and learns about his plans for The Cookbook. They get the Cookbook back and RJ warns them about something, only to be spelled by Caroline Palmer, who went by the alias Jill, when he said Magic. Nöelle Jasper, Jake Williams, and Arthur Morris suffer the same fate as RJ, and the trio knows that they are next. Arthur Morris, Hannah's teacher, was helping them on the case, and he gave them details about Jill. However, when they attend Darbie's play, he loses his memory of magic.

Leaving the Cookbook

Darbie, Kelly, and Hannah show up briefly to make sure the new protectors Zoe Chua, Leo Sellitti, and Ish Gupta and give them the pocket watch that belonged to Ian Maddox, Zoe's father. The pocket watch corresponded with Zoe's necklace, and when paired with it, the pocket watch stopped at the time 7:13, which the protectors accurately assumed as 7:13 AM, the time they get off the subway and into Unity Station with Walk Through Wall-fles, a spell that Darbie had always wanted to try out. The old protectors help the new protectors find the starter by putting their hands with the current protectors' hands between the 3 poles that formed an equilateral triangle, which Darbie identifies, surprising herself as she was not very skilled in Geometry Class. They then help the new protectors destroy the starter and helped Zoe travel in time to get ideas on how to destroy the starter. However, they did not succeed as the Wessons spelled them under the Honey-Do as I say Sorbet spell, making them give the starter to them. The Wessons began to use them for bad things, like getting gold. Eventually, Pierce Hamilton's house, while Cody Hamilton and Lexi Hamilton were in the subway, got crashed down as gold was in the pipes that were holding the house up. Darbie, Kelly, and Hannah then helped Ish, Leo, and Zoe to make Time Stop Lollipops, Teleporting Tamales, and Metal Manipu-Latte to save the people. Then, they made the starter into pizza and created a recipe that would make magic known to everyone.


  • Kelly's favorite color is Blue.
  • Kelly's favorite food is tacos.
  • Two of her fears are snakes and losing the cookbook (the magic cookbook).  
  • She has known Darbie and Hannah since kindergarten. 
  • One of her fears is that her friendship with Hannah and Darbie depends on magic. 
  • Kelly and her friends have a spice named after them (Parquinnien). The name of the spice is a combination of their last names. 
  • Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah are super close as friends, and that’s is why the spice they created (Parquinnien) is named after them. Parquinnien is the bonding/friendship spice.
  • Kelly is afraid of horses.
  • Kelly is shown to have a connection with Chuck (Charles peizer)
  • Kelly has never had a romantic relationship only love interest (s) that being Chuck Hankins



Charlotte was her former enemy who rivaled her in the basketball team. In the first episode, Charlotte bullied Darbie, sparking their rivalry. Charlotte only invited Hannah to her Halloween Party, making Hannah tell a lie that she wasn't feeling well and needed to go home. However, Charlotte and Kelly ended their rivalry sometime later.

Becky Quinn

Rebecca Patterson, who goes by the affectionate nickname "Becky", is Kelly's grandmother, with whom Kelly is very close with. Kelly cared about her grandmother when she was under a spell and even persuaded Hannah and Darbie to try different kinds of spells to save her. However, despite her great efforts to heal her grandmother Kelly falls into a trap set up by Ida Perez, where Ida would eat the first and last bite of the Curse-Breaking Candied Stone Fruit to break her own curse. After finding out that her grandmother was involved with the Cookbook, their relationship was temporarily severed, but they made up.


Hannah Parker-Kent

Hannah is Kelly's caring but a little bit paranoid best friend. Kelly met her when they were at Mama P's, and Darbie spilled her milkshake.

Darbie O'brien

Darbie is one of Kelly's best friends. Darbie gets along very well with Kelly and always tries to help her out the best she can. Although they have rough times in their friendships, the girls are inseparable.

Chuck Hankins

chuck Hankins, real name (Charles Peizer) started off as a threat, enemy to Kelly and the girls, wanting to steal the cookbook to free his sister. However later on he becomes an ally and a friend to Hannah, Darbie and Kelly, helping them on several occasions.