Kelly Quinn- kind, strong-willed, assertive

Appearance Edit

Kelly is tall with straight light brown hair. Her hair is usually let down but, in Just Add Tommorow she is seen with a ponytail. She had chocolate brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Kelly is always willing to help out others, especially her friends and her grandmother. She is strong-willed and doesn't let anything get to her head. She can be pretty naive at times and doesn't believe in things that she knows aren't true. She also is very sensitive and is very gullible, especially in season 1 when she thinks that Hannah betrays her and instead gets tricked into working with Mama P. She can be a little selfish like when she almost sacrificed her friends and family to get what she wanted. Kelly can be bossy but has great ideas. She is passionate in what she cares about. She cooks many recipes and is addicted to her cookbook. One of Kelly's main traits is to always does things on her own and not wait for other people. She soon realizes this trait in Just Add Gumdrops.

Trivia Edit

  • Two of her fears are snakes and losing the magic cookbook.
  • She has known Darbie and Hannah since kindergarten.
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