Lexi Hamilton one of the descendants of the Wessons and lives with her brother Cody and father, Pierce. Being said that she was a descendant of the Wessons, she does not want the sourdough that was once her family's.

Once she knew that her best-friend Ish was a protector, she was disappointed because she did not want their friendship to end and she was sad because her father told her to spy on her and see what she could find out.

They were looking for the 3 coins that would lead them to the attracting gold sourdough and restore their family name. Lexi tried to gain the protectors' trust by handing them over her coin, but ends up bringing them all to her family. She soon realized that she did not want to betray Ish , Leo and Zoe again so she lied and told her father and brother that she could not retrieve the coins.

Lexi does not like to play with magic, because she knows that it could lead to problems and she doesn't want to mess with it. With that being said, Lexi does seem interested in the trio seeing black and white while she just goes on and see normal. She is played by Sydney Taylor.

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