Make-It Hot Dogs is a recipe seen in Season 1, Just Add Magic: Mystery City cooked by Zoe because she wanted to make the weather hot so her mums wedding could go on. Kalimba effects weather and cayenne is spicy or hot so it makes the weather hot.


  • 1 hot dog
  • 1 hot dog bun
  • 1 tsp Kalimba cayenne
  • ketchup
  • Mustard

Directions Edit

  1. Grill a hot dog until cooked through.
  2. Place grilled hot dog into bun.
  3. Add 1 teaspoon Kalimba cayenne to ketchup.
  4. Add mustard and ketchup to hot dog.
  5. Enjoy!

Riddle Edit

Ketchup, mustard, hot dog meat, grill it up and crank up the heat. Add some spices and eat up, and everything will start to heat up

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