Mama P's is an important location in Saffron Falls. The girls visit the café to obtain magical spices, to have meetings, and occasionally to hang out.

Appearance Edit

The interior is painted a deep mahogany red and there are many multicolored shelves racked with spices. The counter holds baked goods, and behind the counter is a small kitchen with more ingredients, an oven, and a stove. The secret pantry is also located in the kitchen. There are multiple tapestries adorning the walls and many ancient looking decorations. There is one long table in the center and many other circular black tables and chairs inside the restaurant.

History Edit

Mama P's was established in 1975. It immediately became a huge success, and everyone in town knew about the restaurant. It wouldn't be revealed until much later that the reason for this overnight success was because Mama P was using magic. Not only was she spelling her own food, she also spells food in other businesses in town to destroy potential competition. Mama P has been deceiving her customers for years this way, and she only stopped doing so recently after Kelly Quinn, Darbie O'Brien, and Hannah Parker-Kent find out about her scheme.

In Season 2b, Mama P's becomes the campaign headquarters for Terri Quinn, who is running for mayor of Saffron Falls. She, along with her campaign manager, Jill, meet here mostly every day until Terri eventually wins the election.

Trivia Edit

  • In one of the tables, Mama P has a secret storage of spices.
  • The Paris version of Mama P's is Madame P's

Menu Edit

Item Price
World Famous Empanadas $2
Soup and Salad Combo $5
Tuna Sandwich -
Turkey Sandwich -
Jake's Cold Cut Combo $8.25
Shrimp Taco -
Chicken Noodle Soup
Bakery Price
Banana Nut Muffins -
Mini Cakes -
Waffle Cookies -
Fruit Tarts -
Chocolate Cake -
Blueberry Muffins -
Oat Bran Muffins -
Coffee Price
Latte Varies
Cappucino "
Latte Macchiato "
Caramel Latte "
Americano "
Doppio "
Caffe Latte "
Beverages Price
Hot Cocoa -
Smoothie -
Tea -
Iced Tea -
Desserts Price
Blueberry Pie $3 (slice) $12 (whole
Ice Cream Sundae -

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mama P's also sells homemade soaps.
  • Mama P's is open on 8am-6pm on weekdays, 9am-4pm on Saturdays and is closed on Sundays.
  • The address of Mama P's is 261 W. Main Street.
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