Nöelle Jasper is a recurring character in Season 2. In the first part of Season 2, Noelle was introduced as a friendly chef of a new, upscale restaurant in Saffron Falls. Later in the season, she was revealed to be a former protector of The Cookbook, along with RJ White and Caroline Palmer in their high school years. She was a secondary antagonist (like R.J. White) for Season 2,Part 2


Nöelle is usually seen with her dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail. Her arched eyebrows highlight her caramel-colored eyes below. She has a sharp nose above rosy pink links. In her first appearance, Nöelle was seen wearing a white buttoned chef's uniform with matching pants. On the front of her uniform, her full name and the name of her restaurant, Saphrön, is stitched in black lettering.


Nöelle is very friendly and professional, as seen when she was interviewing Jake. However, her true intentions were revealed due to the Lemon Lie-m Mints that Jake had taken moments before. The objective of Saphrön was all about slow-cooking and have their employees flourish, however, Jake realized that the only thing Nöelle wanted was cheap labor for her restaurant.


When Noelle was young, she was quite irresponsible and was friends with RJ White, Caroline Palmer, and Arthur Morris. It is unknown when the cookbook moved on from her and her friends although they didn't like that.

Saphrön, Nöelle's first owned restaurant was introduced in Saffron Falls recently, and it immediately became a huge success. The atmosphere of her restaurant is very upscale and lavish. She opened her restaurant up for hire in order to obtain more staff, which caught Jake's attention. However, Nöelle just wanted cheap labor from waiters and wasn't truly interested in Jake's culinary experience as she said she was.

Later in Season 2, Nöelle is revealed to be one of the former protectors of The Cookbook, paired with RJ and Caroline. She is targeted by a magic-user whose goal is to erase all magical memory of former protectors.

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