Patrick O'Brien is a recurring character on Just Add Magic. He is Darbie's father and a friend of the girls' fathers. His first appearance was in Just Add Mama P and he is portrayed by Todd Robert Anderson.


Patrick has curly orange hair and round green eyes. He has a soft face to complement his light-colored features. Usually, Patrick is seen wearing formal outfits such as dress shirts and polo shirts.


Mr O'Brien's personality is kind, and loving. He understands his daughter, Darbie very well and never hesitates to spend time with her, unless he has to do work and things only to help his daughter. He is known to love the great outdoors, and shows this in Season 1, in Just Add Camping. When dating his girlfriend, Amy, he tries to encourage Darbie into loving her like her original mother, Jenny Schmidt. He is a very hardworking man. Darbie also Hates Amy but after a few days she loves her.



Darbie - Patrick O' Brien loves his daughter and would do anything for her as seen in just add Mama P when he didn't want to upset her when he lost his job. This relationship is shared and Darbie would also do anything for her father. 

Amy - Patrick O'Brien fell in love with Amy after he got divorced with Jenny. They used to be cubical buddies at his old job, so they knew each other before hand. They met up for lunch in Season 2 of Just Add Magic to catch up with one another, and in a bit their friendship began to take more of a romantic turn. Later on in Season 2, their relationship came to an end when Patrick forgot Amy's birthday due to the results of a spell. Patrick was heartbroken, but thankfully, the two got back together and stayed like that until the end of Season 3, when Patrick proposed, and he and Amy got engaged.

Jenny - Patrick doesn't have anything against Jenny, but they both knew their relationship wasn't working out, so they divorced. Patrick and Jenny both love there daughter, and so, even though Darbie lived with her Patrick after the divorce, Jenny still made sure to pop in and spend some time with her. Patrick and Jenny got divorced before the debut of Just Add Magic.

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