Piper is a friendly girl Darbie meets while helping with the school play. She plays the role of Lady Higgenbotham, and is a good friend of Darbie. 


Piper has light brown skin and short, curly black hair. When playing the role of Lady Higgenbotham, she wears white gloves, a black coat and dress, and a feather hat. 

Personality Edit

Piper is understanding . 

History Edit

Piper makes her debut in Just Add Fluffy. She is introduced as a bubbly and energetic girl and a good friend of Darbie's. She attends Rockbury Middle School with Kelly and Darbie and played the role of Lady Higgenbotham in the school play.

In Season 4, Piper becomes a recurring character. She is introduced to the magic and the cookbook and helps out the girls with recipes.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the 3rd non protector to know about magic, the first being Mr. Morris and the second Jake. But later on, she forgets about it when she is cursed by Kelly.
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